Uranus loot pool; The Legendary Loot Giant

Do you have a clip of that? Still yet to see him drop a single shield in over a hundred kills :confused:

No clip of it.

But it happened sometime this morning.

It had to have been HIM, too.

Because it was in “fat” part of his drops - where you’ll sometimes see two or three Legs-Pearls-Effs.

Shame the only Effs he seems to drop are skins and a grenade.

But yeah… He definitely drops it… probably at the same rate as Bunker though.

I had the day off, and grinded my Maya to 80 at him.

…the back edge of the ramp to the elevator, angled behind the verticle yellow chests on the left whilst BeeHawking makes it a snap.

More or less what I do. Drop down shooting and back up to avoid missiles. Farmed him from 76-80, didn’t take long either.

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Snapped a photo of it.

Still farming him, so he’s literally the only thing I have fought that could have dropped it, unless the normal mobs have some godlike pools now.

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I’ve had a lot of world drops in this DLC, even one in Haderax’s arena lol. I’m intrigued, I feel like it’s likely he dropped that but still unsure why he doesn’t drop shields.

Well now this is odd.
Got a Madhaus. That’s not the odd part. Look at the item card.
It’s an OP1 Madhaus. Not a new-school lvl 81 OP1 (this Siren is still lvl 75) , but an old-skool pre-DLC patch OP1.
Looks like a bug, old-style OP weapons should not be dropping anywhere.

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That happens fairly often, sometimes they come out as 72+ and sometimes as OP. Caused a lot of confusion on day 1.

Since you’re level 75 in that shot, that’s actually a level 76 Madhaus. If you have OP8 weapons in your inventory, you’ll notice them “drop” a level on the card (still same stats, just the level requirement) for every level you gain until you hit 80 and the card balances itself out.

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Yeah, but apart from 2-3 loaders, and his projectile mobs, there are none to drop it, there… so it kind of Burrows it down a bit.

I can confirm both mechromancer and psyco mods drop from him

Well tie me up with deathvine strands and hang me over spiderants, that’s confusing.


But but but…that tosses the OP designation in a cocked hat.

OP1 gear is one level above level cap. OP1 is not one level above current character level.

If OP1 is one level above character level then what happens to this weapon when she gets to lvl 76? It does not magically become lvl 77 (I assume), it’s still shown with an OP1 designator.
And when she gets to level 80 and does the Peak and gets to her first OP level, she may get an OP1 Madhaus. But that OP1 Madhaus will be (effectively) a lvl 81 Madhaus.
Which would mean that she would be (theoretically) carrying two Madhaus’s, both with an OP1 designator, but with substantially different stats because they have different effective levels. I can’t see that being the case.

It will become level 76. It is confusing.

Your OP8 gear (if you have any) will become OP1 when you hit 79.

Bless their pointy little heads then. :slight_smile:

Anyway I’ma gonna sell it, no use for a Madhaus and get it out of my mind.

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I just got a green shield to drop off of Uranus.

So it CAN drop shields.

It is just very very rare.

Strange. Thank you for the update.

Also got a green shield from him so

Does he drop rainbow guns? I’ve only gotten grenade mods after a lot of runs

I believe he only drops The Electric Chair

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Does he drop Carnages? I’d pretty much have a complete Psycho with one and other leveled legendaries, but the funny part is I’ve farmed one of the best Baby Makers and an 81% sham by accident, and although I don’t lose my use for them at all, I’ll miss a couple of my farms, especially my damn DPUH. And I need a new Creamer. Of course, I assume Grog Nozzle still levels.

No, he doesn’t drop the second generation Pearlescents.

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