URGENT Need help with level 50+ gear

Me and my friends are looking for gear to help us get through UVHM we are lvl 53 and 54 but our gear just doesn’t do much we need corrosive and slag preferably and maybe some decent shields as ours ain’t great. If anyone can help please please message my gt HoodedHero. Our classes are commando gunzerker and mechro. Thank you

I would suggest running through Marcus DLC on UVHM and get some upgrades on your gear. Fight the boss 5-10 times you will get better stuff. If you ever get stuck again repeat fight the boss 5-10 times new gear bam! If you need help hit me up I am on most nights. GT Old Man Fargate

Cheers mate appriciate that and thanks will add you later and give you a shout if we need a hand thanks again