URGENT - (PC) My game keeps crashing! Since either the patch or download my game crashes within ~2 min of playing :'( - PLEASE HELP

Hi Gearbox / readers! So, it’s pretty much as stated in the title, this is urgent, I (on PC) pre-ordered the most expensive addition with all the DLCs pre-purchased as I was a seriously massive fan of Borderlands 2, and idk if it was the patch or the DLC but ever since my game crashes so much it’s completely unplayable! It doesn’t seem relegated to DLC 2, I can get a good 30-90 minutes with the core game, but DLC 1 causes the same problems, I can’t even make it to the elevator when I try a VIP tower run… I can’t progress through the DLC as I crash within 30 sec - 4 minutes if I’m extremely lucky :sob: I’m on PC… If anyone knows anything I can do to try and fix this I would really appreciate it, I literally can’t play the game atm and it’s really upsetting… Sorry if the emboldening is obnoxious but this is a crisis, I literally can’t play the game at all, I paid $151 for this, this is unacceptable… (not lying, I’m Australian, so 151 dollaridoos…) if it were a free game, then I wouldn’t have the right to complain, but I paid a fortune for this. Right now I’m out over $150, this needs to be addressed yesterday.

Really, any advice is MUCH appreciated. I’m really upset at the moment, everyone is enjoying the DLC and I can’t play it despite paying for this DLC and going beyond that and paying money for DLCs that aren’t even released yet… This really sucks. Pleeeeease help Gearbox, I want to play the game I bought - for this to happen to me during the event where the vending machines are selling level 57 legendaries, I should be given an extension for this, but I know it’s not practical, but I’m missing out on so ■■■■■■■ much right now I feel some sort of compensation is in order, I’m now way behind everyone else, it’s don’t feel it’s much to ask for that Anarchy shotgun anointed with 100% weapon damage in the mail? I’ve been unable to play during an absolute clutch momentwhere everyone is levelling to 57 and experiencing DLC 2… It’s fine if you don’t, I understand if that’s impractical, I just want my (very expensive) game back….:cry:

Justified bump - THIS IS URGENT, i need this fixed immediately, I paid a shitload for this game and it’s DLCs and I can’t even play the game. Spoilers are being released all over social media, this is absolutely unacceptable, this isn’t a charity, I paid for this, P A I D , not joined, paid real life money, quite a lot of it in fact for this game, the most important part of any game IS BEING ABLE TO FVCKING PLAY IT!.. You can’t just sell people broken / malfunctioning products, that’s not right… Please, please help, Gearbox, this is a time where EVERYONE is flooding the DLC and legendaries at vending machines…

At this rate by the time I get to even play the DLC spoilers will be completely unavoidable , I’ll almost certainly have the story spoiled and ruined, and a lot of loot from the DLC will be nerfed before I get it, this is a TERRIBLE, I’m going to be at a MASSIVE disadvantage, honestly if not sending the weapon in the mail then just tweak ONE character’s inventory and increase the items to level 57. I know neither are going to happen, which is just plain disrespectful, so fvck it, even though you really should as I’ve missed out on so much already, I just want the game (that I PAID FOR, can’t stress this enough, this isn’t a free game, I’m not being entitled for expecting this shiit done immediately because:

1: …I CAN’T PLAY THE GAME! Of all times, why now, why did it have to crash alongside a DLC and a level cap increase? I’ve been screwed over waaaay too many times and this is by far the most egregious.

2: holy titties this is an absolute clutch moment, this needs to be fixed 3 days ago, this is totally unfair… This is a time where I should be absolutely rushing the game,and I can’t even play it, I have no way of building a level 57 build, Gearbox, please send me an email to send you a copy of the .sav file so you can tweak the items to 57, I’ll still be FAR from OP, I still won’t have ANY DLC 2 loot… I know this won’t happen but it absolutely 100% should.

The product I purchased is malfunctioning, This needs IMMEDIATE resolution, I just want my game back :cry: - you know, the one I PAID FOR? The one I pre-paid all 4 DLCs on? You can’t treat your customers like this… You’ve already dropped the ball hard here Gearbox, you’ve caused me to miss most of a once in a lifetime opportunity, PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE SPOILERS ARE ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND THE DLC IS RUINED FOR ME! There are already plenty of massive spoilers no matter how hard I try to avoid them since my youtube history contains a lot of BL3 tips… Now I’m missing out on the DLC please fix this ASAP.

Thanks in advance, this is absolutely urgent, I can’t play at all…