Urist McEnforcer never spawns

I tried to get him (Urist McEnforcer) to spawn 40 times in one night and several times since and nada. I read I might need a quest but its never on my board. I also read I might need a friend who killed him so i can kill him? Is that true? If so can someone who has killed him friend me so I get the quest? (XBox tag Killgrow)

Something else I need to do to spawn him I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I don’t remember him being part of any quests. I just saw him three hours ago in Lectra city (subway) in Mayhem 4. I got the Legendary Master Crossbow from him (on paper the weapon looks great but in practice my Torgue handguns are way better)

Isn’t he one of the guys you get from the Sanctuary bounty boards across from the golden chest? If so, yes… they have some weird system where you need to have a friend that killed him to activate it. Not sure what that is about or how it works, exactly… I just kind of did them as new ones popped up on the bounty board. Not even sure if I got them all.

Never seen him on my board, but my friends list is small and most of them gave up due the lack of annointed drops they needed so never g anything on that board anymore. If someone want to add my Killgrow on Xbox to your friend list it could only help.

I have killed him multiple times and I play solo with no one on my friends list who plays Borderlands 3. I am literally as solo as you can get on BL3. He does not spawn that often and in fact, since they put the Recharger legendary shield in his loot pool, I have maybe seen him spawn 3 times. And I love that shield and have tried farming him for it but gave up. He truly is just a rare ass spawn.

That shield is what i am after, but its a fools errand as I cant get him to spawn, his drop rate for dedicated items is likely poor like the rest of them and I am at the stage in the game where i really need an annointed version - so not really realistic to ever get it.

I love this game but more and more i come here to see if drops are being enhanced and when I dont see anything I go watch TV instead of play.

He can spawn naturally, however his spawnrate is pretty damn horrible (according to some dataminers ~ 10%). The friend thing essentially boils down to that, if a friend of yours kills him, you can get a quest that sends you to eliminate him which gives you one guaranteed spawn. I am however not sure about the exact conditions for the quest because it doesn’t seem to be guaranteed to pop up.

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Instead of farming dedicated drops, I have decided to farm Freddy the Traitor in the new Handsome Jackpot DLC. I have gotten so many annoited legendaries from him, it’s insane. The Slaught Shaft used to be my go to but it rarely dropped shields and relics.
Freddy on the other hand drops everything and anything ( except the M4 legendaries locked behind their one or two respective sources). I have gotten a couple annoited shields, Big Boom Blaster, Stop Gaps, Rechargers and Red Cords. Still haven’t gotten that annoited Transformer I’ve been after though, gotten plenty of vanilla transformers though. I have upgraded every legendary class mod on every character thru him with great passives and really a myriad of artifacts with awesome passives as well. I farm him a couple hours a day. And it’s a great farming run because you get Loco and Freddy as well as one yellow chest and a possible eridium chest as well as the random Badass Wee loader spawning from the many yellow chests around. Then when you’re finally done with Freddy, u can take the elevator up to Jackpot and 5 more chests. It really is the most lucrative and efficient farming in the game right now.