US to German. Losing rewards and such?

Hi, Excited but will try to get to the point. I have been playing Borderlands triple pack on PS3(US ), Now I am getting PS4 (German)preparing for BL3 . I have heard I have to change my PSN account to German in order to play the new DLC (along with of course the Handsome collection) Will I lose all my Gearbox/Borderlands rewards? (keys or even my characters?) It is just me and my girlfriend playing online with each other, Can I keep my PSN from the US? Thanks…I know the question is all over the place but…lol getting it all set up today and excited :slight_smile:

You don’t need new account, you can use the old US one.
If you have PS+, just download Handsome Collection from your account (US) and new DLC and it will work. If you buy physical version of HC for EU region, you will need an EU account to download new DLC. DLC downloaded from US account will not work with EU physical game.
Also you can create new EU account (GE) and download free PS+ version of the game from it.

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Thanks. I wanted to Download HC and new DLC today…but what would happen with BL3? (just downloable version from PSN US?) Thanks for the reply.

That, or you can just have two accounts on your PS4. But I think for the new account all the SHIFT rewards for BL2/TPS will be gone. I don’t know if you can switch asigned PSN ID to the SHIFT account.

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Thank you.