Use Eridium to modify a property

Hi guys,

Grinding stuff is cool, but sometime it takes so long to find out the good stats you’re looking for!

I think that could be great if we can modify only one property with Eridium. Maybe something like Diablo 3 where you can only choose one property to modify and a 3 random choices are created and you can choose one to apply.

Some items are really rare and once it drops, the stats is not what you needed for your specific build.

Have a good day!

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This has been discussed in many posts before and will not happen. Because once you create the best gun in the game the game is over! Crafting and borderlands are like oil and water, if you try to introduce them it removes the identity of the other…

Modifying one property for a crapload of eridium (which takes time to get) won’t instantly get you a best gun in the game.
They could make it so you can only do it once per gun, as well.

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