Use those xp and loot boosters IMMEDIATELY!

They dont tell you that when you buy the deluxe edition for the xp and loot mods, that it only lasts up to level 10, so if you dont pick it up till level 9, then your preorder is F*ing pointless.


I have been kind of dinking around slowly, not worrying about things.
How the heck do I get these mods picked up? I pre-ordered, what do I do in game?

From the pause menu. (Option button on PS4)
Social -> Mail
Took me a while to find it but still on lvl 2. So I’m good.

Didn’t notice the level cap @Harvest. So thanks for the head up.

Yeah they dont mention it on the store page, but given that its an XP boost, i literally redeemed them when i was level 1 to take full advantage of it

too late for me…guess i’ll wait to redeem them when i’m on a 2nd character…


?? I bought Super Deluxe and no Loot or XP mods, I don’t think. Do they show up in inventory as character mods have in past games?

I got plenty of trinkets and skins…

They didn’t show up for me either. I have no idea where they would be or if they just weren’t delivered at all.

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Not a mod, it’s a legendary shield called Deluxe Badass Combuster, it redeems to your current level and has XP and loot rarity boost through level 10 in the description. I redeemed it from my mailbox.

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Thanks, I did figure it out eventually!

Well, too late. Dang. Wouldn’t have thought a mod related to XP and loot would be presented as a shield, but there’s a lot that seems really different about the game so far, it’s going to take a while to get used to.

(Some of the changes I somewhat dislike - no vertical splitscreen, no D-pad weapon mapping on Xbox, etc. - but some of it I LOVE like super scope on a freakin’ pistol and Tediore throwbacks I can aim!)

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? You can set the D-pad to be for your weapons if you want. Just change it in the controls menu. 3rd tab. And set Weapon 1 through 4 to whatever you like, including the dpad.

Setting control layout to Classic brings it back. Massively improved my QOL, as there is one less thing to worry about

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Thanks for the heads up. I can see an alert in the mail section within the game but I can’t figure out how to get to it, nothing works, LT/RT, bumpers, D pad, etc., on Xbox. Anybody know???

Got the xbox version on disc there was an extra notification (like a Shift-Code)
In the menu (in game) choose ‘social’ : Tab to SHIFT, enter code. After this you should have message in your inventory mailbox (the tab next to SHIFT) There you can choose it and it’s in your inventory.
Worked pretty well for me and my Coop.

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I didn’t try to figure out redeeming the rewards until I was level 10.
No big deal to me though. There was plenty of good gear dropping and the levelling happened at a fair pace anyway.

I do think there should have been a better explanation in game about how the “email” system works. Make it part of the tutorials.

Thanks for letting me know where on Xbox the in game msgs were…been trying to figure that out for a day now.

Well at least you get one for each new character you make. Like the Golden Gearbox guns from BL2. Just use until 10 then ditch.

Actually you don’t, from what I have experienced. All characters share the mailbox and once an item is claimed for one character it is no longer in the mail. So if you want to use it on other characters then you need to deposit it in your bank.

On some you can claim on other characters, but once you do they only get removed from your mail on the character you clained them for, you can claim the toy box preorder bonuses and the boost shield and grenade on nore than one character, but not the VIP items

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I found them at lvl9 as well. Around lvl 7 or so i got some other ingame mail “jakobs”. I thought i had to get it at some quest hub point or something and continued finishing my quests where i was first.

Had to google to find it’s in the social menu.