Used Incorrect email for SHIFT account creation

Hello, so I bought the game for PS4, but made a typo when inputting my email to create a SHIFT account. Thus, the code was sent to somebody else’s email address, and even though I created a SHIFT account using the correct email address, whenever I try to link my Playstation account it says it is associated with another address. I have emailed the person whose email I accidentally typed and also sent a tech support ticket, but I am still waiting for a response. If anyone can tell me any other alternative solutions, I would be grateful thanks.

When did you send the support request in? A real response usually comes in about 24 hours, but it’s the middle of the holiday season so there’s a chance it might take longer.

Did you send it to the SHiFT support or to the Handsome Collection support desk?

Meanwhile, can you log in directly to If you can, and you see that your account is showing as linked to your “Sony Entertainment” account, you may be able to unlink it there.