Used key on wrong gamertag :(

So this morning i got my key via email rushed to redeem it on my xbox daughters profile was signed in i didnt realise till after i redeemed the code her account doesnt have gold and wont be using the beta anyway to transfer it to my actual account :confused:

I don’t know what if anything they can do for you, but if any account on an Xbox has Gold then all accounts on the Xbox can use the gold services. No longer need to have gold for every account.

I did the same thing on my ps4 the fiancé was watching Netflix and I entered the code like a giddy little school girl on HER profile! but it did seem to load on mine as well as hers. I’m just worried that playing it on multiple profiles would violate the NDP

Doubt it, as long as whatever account you play with is attached to your SHIFT account, I am sure they will not care. They can tell with shift log in process if you are legit tester or not.

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So can other profiles on the same consoles use the beta?

Hi afk9903, During the beta I believe any acct. on the console should be able to play. During the technical test , I’m pretty sure the only acct. allowed to play is the one registered for the TT.

@prism_lives: Do you have an alternate email account that you could use to just start the process over?