Useful .ini Tweaks

Thought I’d post a couple custom .ini tweaks I run in my game, just because my friends thought they were handy.

This is the same tweak I run in all my Borderlands franchise games, it removes the cell shading and makes the game feel cleaner. Purely a visual tweak, though it can slightly improve performance on slow devices.

This is the big one, for several reasons. Basically, it makes green and white items despawn after less time, and despawn more rapidly. For me, it’s nice to clean out the loot in which I’m not interested. For the guy I play co-op with on a regular basis, it’s a god-send. In a game without colorblind mode, where super-common green items look like Legendaries, this makes the fake Legendaries despawn rapidly so he doesn’t have to check literally every weapon drop. Only downside is you might miss out on a green Penetrator drop, but I’ve only seen one of those (ever) so you’re probably OK.

There’s a fair amount more you can do with .ini tweaks in this game, but these are two that I really like. Hope someone finds this interesting.


Thanks, it’s easy to forget about some of these things! Getting rid of greens and whites truly is great - it ups the number of Craw runs you can do before the loot crashes the game.

I have tried you second tweak and in my game all the greens are not disappearing as you described it, what this tweak does is making all ammo and health disappear rapidly that’s all.

Short-lived drops should be whites and stuff like ammo
Long-lived drops should be greens.

I’d check for a typo in the long-lived drops line.

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What are blues, purples, and orange drops referred to as in the file?

Nothing - they never fade away.

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Just drop through the map into oblivion… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info!

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Only in BL2!

By the way the pickup shrink duration is how many seconds it takes from when it starts fading/shrinking until it’s completely gone.

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Thanks, I will try it once more…