Usefull information

Small shards respawn ever 30 seco after collected.
Big shards spawn minute 28(27:55) and respawn every 2 minutes after collected.

Once destroyed the cooldown is 6 seconds
Lvl1: speed boost friendly units
Lvl2: slow enemies
Lvl3: increases aoe and get a shield

They protect you from critical hits.
They start to recharge after 5 seconds of no dmg taken, you can still deal dmg and regenerate your shield.
Basic shield recharge per second is 60 so the avarage 300 shield takes 5 seconds to full recharge, the recharge stops if you get any hit.
Characters that dont have a shield can get one using gear, they get the same basics of shield, 5 seconds to start recharging and 60 recharge per second.

Miniom wave spawns every 40 sec they start spawning 10 seconds after the match begins.
Shephard spawns every 2 waves in incursion.

Small minioms critical spot is in their belly, humanoid bots is their head, shephards are their turbins and fat bots is their turbine behind their head.


That would explain SO much. In fact this whole post is very helpful. But a couple questions.

The buildable cooldown is actually 6 seconds? I thought it was like ten.

Also, for Shepherds, you mean it goes like this?


I wish it was reg,reg,reg,shep,reg,reg,reg,shep…

Actually ill keep editing, some of my info is from the time i read about it or tested it months ago.

And yes is reg, reg, shep.

I need to confirm if sting turrets try to crit at lvl 2 like shock only chain at lvl 2

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Also, what about the Finiscian Wrench? I don’t expect you to know this because it’s super specific, but does the Wrench’s effect proc on volleys of attacks (like one thumper volley, one stinger turret burst, etc.) or with each bullet/laser tick/rocket? I think it’s the latter, but if it WAS the former, that’d be amazing!

Is so hard to test it, like we cant know for sure if it works on fat minions.

I could test it with turrets just getting their avarage dmg compared to any fluctuation from finiscian wrench.

In theory it should work like the stable executioner, each bullet has a chance to get a 50% dmg bonus.

I presume it would only work on Turrets. I don’t care much if it works on Fat Minions, because the fat boys already hit like a truck.

I was thinking it would be like the Executioner, yeah