Useless anointed

I get returned ammo on the infinity pistol when the digiclone is active, wow, who knew I needed that…


So unlucky, im dying over this haha, sorry man.


There’s a lot of anointments that make as little sense as this… You can get increased status effect and damage for a gun with no effect for example.

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I had a regen annointed perk on the Rough Rider. Know your pain.

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Haha, that’s one for the Item Fail of the Day thread, if there’s one around for BL3 yet…

Reminds me of an Infinity I got in BL2 once, that had the larger magazine prefix, heh.

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It’s not just anointments. Last Stand Deathless anyone?

RNGjeezus giveth, and sometimes he has a weird sense of humor.