Useless anointment

Can u make the useless fl4k anointment fade out active accuracy and handling increase something useful like crit damage increased 100% or 200%


Even after removing 21 or more crappy anointments from the game, the game is still littered with too many crappy anointments. Its literally killed my my desire to play and farm items.


I checked the current list of anointments in the game yesterday and couldn’t believe how many bad ones still remained. If only anoints didn’t give insane damage boots like 50%, 100%, 300%, etc. things like accuracy and reload speed could in theory be really awesome on certain guns. God I hate anointments so much…


Of the 4 Vault Hunters, FL4K has the most useless VH dedicated anointments.
The only two that are good require a certain build.
Myself I wish they would do away with VH specific anoints and make them more general.

The entire anointment system needs a re-work IMHO.