Useless things in the game

  1. Money. Having played 100 hours, I opened all the improvements and accumulated 50kk + $ already. They continue to pile up, maybe it is worth solving this problem?
  2. Eridium. I have not yet opened all the items at Crazy Earl, but there will come a time when it will begin to accumulate. What to spend it on?
  3. Vending machine Crazy Earl, change eridium to garbage? Maybe we should rework machine, make it possible to improve things with the help of eridium and money? Or something similar. This should solve the first 2 problems.
  4. Room decoration. 3 items from 50+. Maybe it’s worth expanding customization on a ship?
  5. 4 trash cans in storage. Maybe they should be removed and put 1 large chest? And cover his eridium. Of course, loot should be normal, not green-blue trash.
    Well, wishes:
    Moxxi drinks from pre-sequel. I liked these buffs.
    ps. Sorry for bad english.
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The Moxie Buffs from pre-sequel were never a go-to for me, but they might be a nice addition for the Mayhem 2.0 challenges.

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Slam. The claptrap antenna mission was tutorial-esque explaining it can open trap doors but I only remember using it one other time after that. It’s been so long since I did side missions that I may be wrong.


I think they were planning to add something similar to Moxxtails for the ECHOcast extension. Perhaps we’ll find out more in the next Borderlands Show.

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The same thing, 1 time used when opening the hatch and never again.
It would be nice to have a double jump or something like that.

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  1. Slamming
  2. Sliding
  3. Annointments like: “While in the air/sliding”

Another reason I think TPS was peak Borderlands… these were a great end-game Moonstone sink once I started using them (as were the Moonstone chests). They weren’t game changers, but they certainly helped. Would love to have these additional sinks for Eridium in BL3.

I love how many movement options BL3 has (including their already comfortably high jumps), but dang if I wouldn’t say no to these. I’m not even sure the game needs them (love the current jump height), but they’re just so fun.

Slams and slides are are at least actually useful in combat if one deigns to use them (they’re a regular staple of my BL3 combat diet; I freakin’ love these). “While in the air” anointments are also a favorite combat tactic of mine, but it’s very specific what I like with that trigger. The same goes for the ‘while sliding trigger’, though that’s not a favorite.

The cosmetics (heads, skins, taunts, trinkets) are arguably useless, though I suppose they add a sense of humor/comraderie when playing co op? Trinkets, as a distinctly visible, dynamic cosmetic, are something I do enjoy though, as they add to the sense of movement in the game when they flop around during jumps, falls, etc.


Tediore guns. “Those guns are garbage with a trigger.” ~Rhys Atlas Corp.

Sorry, I had to :innocent:.


Yes, the Moxxtails were a great feature. I only usually used the ammo regen one, before doing the Holodome & Sentinel replay missions in uvhm.

You can (waste) a lot of cash & that there rid-rock into the slots. Useful items tend to crop up often enough. When I’m passing them I usually give them a go for 2 or 5 minutes.

I think all the non farmable items, like the wedding inv, the heck items, bekah, all the quest rewards and so on should appear in the Sanc slots or Earl’s machine. Make them rare, but common enough to be worth checking. I;m not sure what they should cost, maybe 1 or 2k eridium, or 10 or 20 million.

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I definitely slide more after playing more. Keeps you low, behind cover while moving. I find it useful still

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Ahh I was literally thinking this exact thing, but you beat me to it lol.

The sliding anointments, however, do not add much in respect to their ASE/action skill counterparts. Definitely useless


Not gonna argue. Some people use sliding/slamming - I don´t. So for me it´s useless.

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Money can be made permanently useful by opening special doors like in the Handsome Jackpot DLC. But those could be much more expensive with much better loot to make them more attractive. Just make them like mini vaults, with 2 red chests each for the price to open of (cost = character level x 20k) in cash and give those chests long timers so that they don’t respawn too quickly. Like once every 2 hours of playtime or so.

I am a huge fan of the idea of spending Eridium for anointed guns, but there should be a chance to get legendaries from Earl and we could make good use out of a “workstation” that can grant random anointments to items in exchange for Eridium and/or money. I mean I can’t count the number of otherwise perfect gear that I sold because it was not anointed or had the wrong anointments. Give us the chance to reroll anointments, even if it was extremely expensive. I mean just let it cost something like (cost = gear level x 15) in Eridium or (cost = gear level times 10k) in money or so, so that we couldn’t just spam the reroll until we get the right anointment.

Yes, even if you do all that people will still end up with a lot of money and Eridium, but that’s then at least useful for a shopping spree of chests and anointments. O and reintroducing the Moxxtails is a really good idea as well.

Regarding slams and slides: Slams need more damage, plain and simple. Double the base damage and double the bonus that certain artifacts grant to slam damage. Slides are basically just a movement technique for me and I still like sliding around like a maniac, so I’m fine with that. But the slide artifacts, besides the snowdrift, could use a buff.

And the “while airborne/sliding” anointments need a major buff to be worth the awkwardness. I’m talking something like “+150% weapon damage while airborne” or “+100% fire rate while sliding”. Or embrace the memes and make them no-scope-esque like “+200% critical hit damage while airborne”. That would at least be fun and effective.


that is the ONLY time i remember using this :rofl:

when i reached the low grav section i allready forgot it was even there…

There is also a side mission with Tiny Tina and Brick. You need to slam on a bomb to get it down a pipe.

  1. vehicle damage in guardian rank
  2. one way fast travel stations
  3. green and white weapons past level 5
  4. iron bear before several buffs

Also, making those blackjack chests worth the cost of entry. Not tying the game outcome to loot quality makes them a ‘pay for an extended animation’ feature. Blackjack (assuming normal RNG mechanics of card decks and an intelligent dealer) only has a slight house edge if the player also knows what they’re doing, so I don’t think they should be ‘guaranteed legendary’ on win, but make the risk/reward ratio higher. If you win: guaranteed blue or better. If you lose, white/green only (maybe a suited blackjack gets a Legendary) as a thought for making the card game feature of these chests useful.

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