Useless Zane Skills and Class Mods

Revolter is my general goto (original, i know :yum:) as the shock damage is also put out by sntnl.

For general mobbing, frozen heart is nice for cc though.

Re infernal wish - i did give it a bash for a bit but given the shield says it only works if the shield is full, having to use sntnl beam and/or generator grenades was our only way to quickly refill shields, that didnt float my boat.

For one shotting action though, with playing dirty and a toboggan, its definitely got potential imo.

Wait…Shield does not have to be full I thought.

That is the case for Super Soldier but not Infernal Wish.

Am I wrong on this??

Infernal Wish’s extra projectile special effect works if there is ANY portion of the overall shield capacity active. So shield down = no IW. But any shield capacity at all = IW works. This effect is stated on the card - in some sort of rare BL occurrence, the card matches how the item actually works LOL

This is why the shield works so well in a Deathless setup.

Sorry, yea as @tysonyar says, any amount of shield.
Old brain means all the item descriptions get mixed up lol

Tell me about it…

Getting older aint for wimps :grinning:


New Topic…


I am using SENTL and MNTIS

Is the 100% Cryo damage while SENTL active still one of the best

What about Tried and True Consec Hits

Or the new +100 Weapon Damage while Action Skill Active?? and is this EITHER Action skill?? How does MNTIS play into that anoint or does it play into that anoint??

And is the +150 MNTIS Damage a good consideration?

All ideas/advice welcome.

@johnrr6 It depends on the weapon, I guess? Zane is beautiful because almost any anointment can be made useful.

My personal favorites on Zane are ASE splash, SNTL cryo, and N2M. I use ASE splash on any weapons that can get it, as this also benefits the Frozen Heart, Duct Tape Mod, and Drone Delivery. It might also benefit the MNTIS but I am not too sure on that. It really enhances the Frozen Heart, which is my personal preferred Zane shield. SNTL cryo works great on Jakobs and other multi-projectile weapons (think Light Show), but it really works well on anything. SNTL cryo is a great general anoint. You want SNTL cryo on the Redistributor or Reflux IMO. N2M works on any weapon, assuming you are using MNTIS.

If you are going ASE splash, the BOTD is an excellent AR to get it on. It works almost insanely well with the Frozen Heart, Eraser, and the BOTD splash orbs. The orbs wreck all with ASE splash.

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Frozen heart would be on Action skill active, activate shield break

What are other good shield anoints for Zane?

My problem with Breath of the dying is it killed VERY quickly at Mayhem 1-4 but is really 2nd rate at Msyhem 10-11.

I LOVE Dahl ARs….

Maybe I can boost it with specific AR perks on Com and Artifact

You’re gonna want an ASS Frozen Heart specifically, assuming you are using MNTIS. Which I think you are.

The BOTD is still really good on Zane. If you are using a Frozen Heart, an Ice Breaker artifact with AOE (along with any other AOE bonuses you can get), and an ASE splash BOTD (and it doesn’t even “need” splash but it’s just that much better with the build), you don’t at all need an AR bonus. You get more mileage from the AOE rolls in most scenarios anyway, especially this one IMO. The BOTD will wreck a True Maliwan Takedown. I actually like it better than the Soulrender overall. The Soulrender is better on Moze and still really good on Zane, obviously. I just find that my mobbing is way better with the BOTD. YMMV

BOTD is also really good on Fl4k.

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Asa isnt as good as n2m or ase splash/elemental as more weapon damage is additive to his already massive weapon damage whereas elemental or splash is multiplicative to his weapon damage and zane has almost none in his skill trees.

That said, for most content its irrelevant as you will be killing most things anyway haha.

As for assault rifles, i find the khaos is the better of the dahl offerings.

Re the mantis annointment, haven’t actually used it but if looking for mass cannon damage, i recall that using an unforgiven with this anointment is apparently decent as the crit damage from your weapon carries over.

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Revolter just keep proccing every time I hit my MNTIS cannon….or release SENTL

That and a Dahl Company man and all of Zanes Fire Rate Bonuses…

And The Kaos and Breath of the Dying just about break…

Goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Can’t even imagine a Torrent

Have a really good Executor with a bunch of Dahl Perks

Also am trying the Infernal Wish but the fast fire rate invokes fire damage way too quickly….but while the effect is up and working…just oh my with those one projo, fast firing Dahl weps. Now with TWO SHOTS….

Dahl just handles so well….crit machines

Zane is sooooo different than Moze…

Love him and love the differences….

Better quips and dialogue than Moze as well.

Not as good as Axton’s……but hey…his is hard to beat.

Zane does say “and you get a bullet, and you get a bullet….everybody gets a bullet” but Axton says it better…lol



When is Zane’s Action Skill considered to start and stop when you have two ACs going at the same time?

EVERY shot from the MNTIS was invoking the Revolter if beyond the 15 seconds

Does it ever “end” with MNTIS cannon if you stretch out the bursts… refill it with crits?

Ass and ase happen about a second apart with the mantis.
Might be worth timing the revolter duration as 15 seconds is longer than it seems (or at least thats what i tell the missus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

So yes, you can keep the revolter going forever by refreshing using the mantis, although the electric effect down the edges of your screen can disappear with heavy use


When does next two mag anoint actually kick in??

MNTIS fires
1 sec later we have ASE….

Does it kick in at that moment on the mag that is in your gun….


Wait till the current Mag is finished….then kicks in on the next two

And say I fire The MNTIS again before end of 2nd Mag.

Does it reset the anoint and at what point?….after the end of the existing Mag?

And does that existing Mag still keep firing the bonus?

Yes, as soon as the MNTS shot is off screen

And yes again, they don’t add together though. Basically resets it for the next 2. (1 your on plus 1 after reload)

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Holy crap!

So what about launchers ?

Scourge plaguebearer etc…

I have always used the 150/90 anoint… would not a splash anoint be better?

And…next two mag anoint….best to stack fire to fire, corrosive to corrosive or mix the anoin…. fire gun with shock anoint for instance?

So…in a sense…

MNTIS hits decently hard……but is REALLY more of a constant enabler for anoints.

This is what I was trying to convey to you above. The ASE splash anoint is insane on Zane with MNTIS on any weapon that can get the anoint, especially because the Frozen Heart novas (which you can spam repeatedly through ASS) also benefits from it.

ASE splash is insane on a Plaguebearer, or for that matter any other weapon that benefits from splash. Zane is the best ASE user in the game, even better than Amara the former ASE queen.

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Best to stack elements or mix elements.

Fire gun with fire n2m bonus?

Or a mix

Shock gun with a fire bonus for instance.