User Interface issues and suggestions

I am starting this thread to consolidate discussion regarding the new user interface and any bugs/issues we would like to have addressed. I have listed what I have found to be the most pressing issues so far:

The biggest issue by far is the small size of the ship icons on the bottom left corner of the screen. It is difficult to tell how many of each ship you have selected, mainly because of how small the icons and text is, and partially because the icons are all monochrome (in HW2 it was very easy to tell which unit each icon represented at a quick glance).

The ship icons look really bad, the tactical overlays take up so much screen space whenever your cursor is over the ship it displays its info, and increasing the UI scale using the game options makes the rest of the HUD too large for 1080p resolution. The default size of the selected ship window (which displays all the ships you have band-boxed / selected) needs to be larger - perhaps 1.5x – 2x as large as it currently is.

The second big issue I have compared to Homeworld 2 Classic is locating RUs in the sensors manager. In Homeworld 2, harvestable asteroids and salvage debris was easy to pick out among other map objects (pebbles, etc.).

Thirdly, the in-game ship descriptions should not automatically display when you move your cursor over a ship in the build menu. This takes up too much space and really isn’t required – if someone needs to defer to this information, they should be able to click on a small tab to expand the ship info like in Homeworld 2 Classic. Either that or the info boxes should be scaled down.

The fourth and much more minor issue I have is with the repositioning of the Build/Research/Dock tab at the top of the screen and flipping the ship command options from the bottom left to the bottom right of the screen.

And last but not least, the escape key should be able to bring up the menu options.

I will add to this list as I continue to discover issues/quirks/bugs with the game.