User with Gearbox Tag allowing cheating & cheating in-game

I recently matchmaked with a user named JudyChomp. This specific user allowed the use of outside hacks in game with instances of a Benedict aimbotting. A Ghalt chaining through the world (who happens to be named NeenjyChomp). I have included a link below to an unlisted Youtube video of said actions. Relevant Video Starts around 2:30in the video. (More Video is in my possession but in separate pieces due to shadowplay settings. I will provide it upon request.)

[Edit, I have the videos in 1080p 60fps.But I’m a youtube pleb so I can’t upload in that. If anyone offical needs them they can be provided in higher quality]

Its private

Fixed, sorry.

Could you give timestamps of the alleged hacks? I also understand Benedict has a lock-on skill that makes his rockets seek out targets for a short time, perhaps that’s what you believed to be aimbot?

Im not sure why your calling for him using aim botting? 26 kills isnt something insane… i mean me may be a skilled benedict, aim botting is a hard thing to call out because its hard to tell if its not a very skilled player or a hack, as for galt chaining thourgh the world that could be a bug i wouldn’t call it a “cheat” so to say, a bug yes but i don’t think there are any 3rd party programs that make your abilities do things they shouldn’t…

Also ill admit i thought it weird that your opponent is orange…instead of red…

I’ll get the time stamps in a second. and his skill isn’t active at all times.

You can watch the footage. The shots are almost always crits & hit consistently. Also, the color is changeable in the game play menu. & are notable examples of him aimbotting

I get that, I just noticed a few times he landed his rockethawk and got a few lock-on hits and wanted to make sure those moments weren’t what you were referring to. He could have a godly attack damage gear and just be very very accurate with his rockets and blast radius. With benedict, I can’t imagine aimbot works well. The rockets have to lead the target, they take time to reach their destination, and can’t account for jukes. Unless he has some hack that gives his rockets the rockethawk effect infinitely

Again he could be a skilled player, Im not saying he ISN’T using an aim bot im simply saying its a hard line to distinguish,
Id be very upset if my username was flagged in forums as a cheater when i was just a good player and wasnt using any cheats. By all means send GBX a ticket but i’m not a fan of public shaming on something you can’t really prove entierly.

There was a post yesterday about a Benedict running in and out of the rock near a sentry killing the sentry, now that i can get behind because its obvious what he’s doing, but this you can’t be 100%.

Yeah if i was to ever cheat with an aim bot it would be on someone like Marquis, Ben seems an off choice.

It was early game so any attack damage gear of that degree couldn’t have been acquired. I also request you note how every shot seems to go straight for the head and crit.

at 8:22 you can see on the left hand side of the screen the rocket misses you and hits to your left, dealing damage (cause his stuff does aoe damage)

I watched your tab log and he had his jennerit rare glove early on as his first item.

And I couldn’t help but notice he missed several shots. From a first person view it’s literally impossible to tell if you took critical damage (unless I’ve been oblivious this whole time) so you can’t say with absolute certainty every shot WAS a crit. It makes sense to aim for the head, and with a big rocket that makes it a little easier to predict where it will land.

All in all, I have yet to see irrefutable proof he’s hacking. Not saying he isn’t, but without hard evidence it’s just not something you can say as fact.

This is my point, he could just be a skilled Benidect, its not right to shame his username on the forums without concrete proof, theres no “crit” when your hit so im not sure how you can tell and several rockets miss.

We could be wrong and he may be using a hack, send GBX a ticket and im sure they will look into it, but from those videos im leaning towards him just knowing his hero.

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That’s more than likely the case, but we may never know for certain :laughing:

Gearbox devs, the match ID is 20160527-65a57c4f-2b0a-476e-bd95-06a42664ed9d. I request you look into it.

Also Benedict rockets crit for 200. I have 1445. He would need 8 Crits in a row to deal that. Also at he does a flip and hits me for a crit when looking in the opposite direction.

So looking at these vidoes, it doesn’t look like aim botting in the least…

In the first clip you linked, he hits you with a couple in the begining. Looking at the mini map he is basically directly above you making it pretty simple to hit you. He gets you with another hit on your predictable retreat.

At the 8:23 mark he hits the ground to your left as you turn around, not a direct hit and you take some splash damage. The next two shots completely miss you and then he finishes you off with the last shot while you are in the air. Thorn is pretty easy to hit when she is jumping as she has a lot of air time.

In the second linked clip;

From 6:22 to 6:25 you are practically standing in one spot making a great target. 3 seconds is a long time to stand still and have a rocket hit you. You appear to get hit with a direct shot, which is expected.

At 6:26 his second rocket goes right by you and you take no damage. The third rocket misses you as well, just to your left but you take some splash damage. He is just landing next to you and practically point blank. If there was an aim bot in play it would have been a direct hit for sure.

At 6:28 as you are chasing him, he is jumping backwards and fires another rocket right over your head, again completely missing you.

At 6:30 he reloads and at 6:31 jumps directly over the top of you, hitting you again. This seems pretty legit so far.

The last shot before he dies is at 6:41 which he hits you with. You were both lined up and you were walking towards him rather than strafing, again making for a an easy predictable target.

Nothing about this seems like aim botting to me. I mean no disrespect by nitpicking the video but it’s pretty serious when you’re calling out Gearbox for allowing aim botting.

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Slowed that spot down frame by frame, he was not facing the other direction. He was facing your position, double jumped during reload, strafed in air, and fired at you before turning the opposite direction

As for the 200 damage crit thing, you are failing to consider his first piece of gear is a jennerit glove rare level. This could be upwards of 12% bonus damage with some kind of drawback such as increased damage taken. Alongside that, at the moment you specified he did a 180 no scope, you saw he also had 2 LEGENDARY pieces of gear, one being a jennerit themed skill damage pendant and the other an LLC themed reload magazine. Either of those could have some great effect from stacking damage to insane crit damage. I know a certain piece of legendary reload gear gives you a percentage chance of doing critical damage on non-critical hits. Not to say he had that specific piece, but it should come as no surprise that his damage was higher than the average, or base damage of Benedict.

I highly doubt this is hacking, but again, concrete evidence is needed to make a proper judgement. Anybody can cry wolf, it’s the proof that makes accusations reality.

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