Using "additive mods" to allow unique ships of a class

Hi @BitVenom,

I was thinking about your upcoming additive mod functionality, and I was wondering if we would be able to use it to allow for unique ship registries.

The idea is to use the LoadSharedModel(NewShipType, “{main-ship-name}”) option, a copy of the main ship’s *.ship, *.events and *.madstate file with only the ship description different per ship and have whatever the HOD override file is in there too with the different textures/geometry for that particular unique ship.

It should be simple to create 10 or 20 different, unique ships of the same class with their own registry textures or slight physical variations and in the build.lua file just have the ships all occupy the same build slot number (so that they’re essentially stacked in the build menu) and when the ship is built just restrict the build option, revealing the button for the next one on the stack (and not allowing the same ship to be “born again”).

Or perhaps there’s a better way?

What do you think? Am I onto something? :smile:

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A clever scheme there Nathanius. Even outside the goal you lay out there, this ability would be useful. If I’m loading a shared hod I generally want most of the stats to be copied over too, and it’d be more future proof done the way you describe so any later tweaks to the original get properly propagated.


I’ve been doing this with random nameplate subsystems- a subsystem can re-name the parent ship with both a modeled texture and in the UI. The frustrating thing is that it requires the ship to be build-capable and to have an entry for the nameplate in the build.lua. I wish the subsystem creation function was a little less restrictive, because that limitation is stopping me from adding nameplates to non-build capable ships.

I would absolutely appreciate a superior method for this, though.

I’m pretty sure with the update that the devs are planning with the separation of geo/tex that this will be possible through separate tex containers. It’s looking like something similar to HW1 separate tex/geo format only with a lot more flexibility.