Using Alani's Geyser to throw hook into trap stun

Recently discovered that you can easily throw hooks during the fall animation of Alani’s Geyser. So you have enough time to deal damage into her stun, set a trap, pull the target into mine. This is going to be a 100% kill. And so easy to aim.

There are a lot of characters that can play off of each other like that.

The matter is that both Alani and Ghalt have helix talents that will add damage to their control abilities which means you have great burst while target is in control. Another point is that Alani helps ghalt to land 100% of hooks into trap stun by lifting target into the air and this means you wont ahev any occasional mobs or textures and its very easy to aim. And the last thing is that while being described as a 1 second stun, Alani’s ability creates CC for around 3 seconds with all animations (up, being in bubble and falling down) that will be continued with hook and 2 seconds of stun of trap. What i am trying to say that this seems to be the longest and most damaging chain of CC that any two characters in Battleborn can perform right now and during all this CC they are also damaging you. Looks kind of deadly.

True, just imagine having Reyna along for the ride.

If Reyna manages to land her debuff i think there wont be a need in hook and stun lol

I am really hoping that CC reduction items will be buffed or there will be some sort of trinket that removes CC once every 60 seconds.

You can do this with all knock ups. Rath knock up, Deande knock up, kelvin stun, Montana knock up etc.

LOL, that melka must have been pissed as ■■■■