Using Atlas HQ Bank Vault For Personal Storage But with Benefits

I Had No Idea Where To Put This But Just Here Me Out And You Won’t Regret It. I Have A Great Idea Atlas HQ Has A Bank And It’s Not Being Use For Anything Why Can’t We Use It To Store All of Our Gear Just Like BL2 Vault In Sanctuary And We Can Use Money To Upgrade It or Donate for atlas after Maliwan attack and Rhys Will Reward us with Atlas Gear For upgrading Atlas Bank I Would Like Your Feedback on this Idea Thank You.

P.S @Gearboxofficial Should Have Thought Of This Like Real Hey This Put A Atlas Bank But Player Can’t Use For Nothing And They Would Have To Use The Sanctuary’s 3 Small Vault Instead “MeetingRoom Claps”

We just need more bank space period.
I know we are getting it soon…but as much loot that I have had to pass up on because of the lack of space and the fact that your bank is shared amongst each vault hunter…is frustrating…so I hope that we can eventually get something like what you have mentioned at atlas hQ or even give some location specific “lockers” …thoughts??

Sorry this is actually off topic but how can you possibly type with a capital letter at the start of almost every word? You must have either turned caps lock on for the start of each and every word or held shift key down for the start of every word. Must have taken ages to type either way.

Also more on topic, Bank space is being looked at and in regards to the OP, I think that it is interesting that Atlas HQ does have all those Safety Deposit Boxes there, they seem out of place. It is likely that they are being used possibly as Atlas HQ workers lockers though.

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They Are Probably Using A Smart Phone. You Just Tap The Shift Key And The First Letter After Pressing It Will Be Caps. Doing That only Added A Few Seconds To This Post. Although Typing Like This Just Felt Weird To Me.

It is an interesting idea and reminds me of the DLC added bank in Bl1.

I rather they make a DLC where we, the Vault Hunter, either travel to a planet where we have a hideout. Maybe decorate it, and more weapon plaques. OR a big Vault Hunter Corporation that we have not seen yet which runs a bank for us. It could be like Hyperion when they used us for cash, this new “Bank” could just capitalize on VHs.

The game has AMAZING corporate potential with business trying to tap the market and VHs becoming valuable assets. Think of Zero to Rhys. Just makes sense.