Using Color in text?

It says you can use HTML, but when I do the preview window does not show any colour.

So, how do you get colour to work in these threads?

You use [color=name of color]

You can use color code instead of the color name for more exact colors.

all i see is green

This is a heading

This is a heading supposed to be blue. It isn’t.

@itsTwister I need a syntax that works in this site, normal html doesn’t. I’ve coded an entire site myself, but it doesn’t work here. Where is there in this forum a ref sheet to the syntax?

Put the formula I gave above befor the text and [/color] at the end of the text.

Example text

No idea if there’s a ref sheet, the forum mostly use basic BB code though.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see

Thank you for your help kind Twister

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This will help - not only are there solid suggestions for build guides etc., but there are also links to the full list of colour names:


I was going to link that but you beat me to it, I have that post bookmarked and I suggest everyone does that

Maybe @JoeKGBX could up date the New Forum Basics FAQ to include the links to the colour and formatting guidelines?

And for other reference, Discourse uses BBCode, Markdown, and a “safe” subset of html (that doesn’t include tables, even though they’re included in Markdown).

Edit: As cited here by @CodingHero (should probably also be linked from teh FAQ)

Agreed. I had to look up a lot of old BBCode shortcuts before I wrote a guide 'cause I wasn’t able to find anything on it.

It’ll be a bit later in the week as I’m still getting caught up on a few things after the holiday break, but happy to as always! :smile:

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All set, guys!