Using M2.0 modifiers to our advantage

Apart from the easy ones that obviously help us let’s try to find ways to turn the tide to our advantage using the harder modifiers in brilliant ways.

Buddy system:
Invincible enemies can be a huge advantage in certain situations. Boss with immortal ads? Infinite Recursion or Reflux/Brainstormer bounces!

Edit: the buddy system drones are now targeted by the Recursion’s bounces, making it less effective at creating huge chains, but rendering the modifier trivial with said weapon.

Laser fare:
The Spinner Traps cannot be a target of a Recursion/Reflux bounce but they can be the source of them, akin to a crystallized anointed enemy, so we can use them as static, easy to hit targets to hit other more mobile or out of reach enemies.

Slayer+ties that bind=billions of damage to any target linked to the enemy killed with melee under 15% health!

Pool party:
Elemental projector says thank you for the elemental pools!
Also the Transformer shield recharges while standing on electrical ones.


i like your thinking with this topic bud.
kudos to you


buddies dont actually bounce recursion/redistributor/brainstormer.

It’s not about buddies bouncing but enemies that are protected by buddies.

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Speed Demon: Considerable damage boost for Zane and Driver Amara


Buddy system and recursion, it a beautiful tactic that’ll fill your screen with numbers like a huge AOE.
Everybody join in on receiving damage! Everybody corrode! everybody radiate!
Ok the fight can start now ._ .

The Freeze Tag orbs can be a Second Wind source.

Also any of the bots, turrets etc from modifier can be a second wind source which is quite neat.

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Big Head and Holey man is how I roll on M10 :rofl:

(when I am not crashing)

Is it possible to change DirectX on PS?

My addition to advantages: post-mortem is okay when farming bosses, especially when using FL4K - just tank it and get rez’d. Also, skulls are pretty slow - it is easy to check the loot and reload.

I’ve been doing this. My current Mayhem modifiers on my Amara are: Speed Demon, Freeze Tag, Laser Fare, and Buddy system. I’m not using the Diver, speed demon is just to counter the effects from Freeze Tag. Freeze tag can be used for ricochets, while Buddy system and Laser fare can be if I shoot it.

I’m so glad healing drones are back, I was getting tired of laser fare.
I’m using holy crit with Fl4k and unfortunately ticked off is not available together with it, so it was either chain gang, laser fare or pool party… Now healing drones are the easiest!