Using Mac with bootcamp, cannot exit iron bear early [Solved]

Hi all, I tried LCtl, E, and all other keys and keyboard binding is default and still set to “E” as vehicle exit. Getting frustrated at waiting around shooting the air to speed up exiting iron bear when everything is dead. Thanks in advance for any help.

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One thing to check: are you holding the key down or tapping it? There’s a little “completion” animation that circles the key glyph on screen - much like the fast travel. It has to complete or you don’t leave IB. Is the animation appearing at all?

No animation. Works for the rest but not for exiting IB. Tried holding each button for a long time. Can’t take advantage of buffs when exiting IB.

Not sure why that one thing wouldn’t work in Boot Camp. Hang on.

@RavenOfArisia - are you running BL3 under Boot Camp/Windows on any of your Macs?

I am, I’ll give this a try in the morning.


Sounds like one of my issues with the game controls.
I assigned “Enter” key to exiting vehicle and interacting with stuff, and it works fine…except when it doesn’t and I have to use the default “E” key for disembarking turrets and crossing map transit points in vehicle.

Anyway, the action connected to exiting IB early is Crouch. If I were you I’d try holding the key assigned for Crouch and also try the default key assigned for Crouch.

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Zadymek, thank you so much. Long holding C key did the trick. I swear I tried it but not long enough I guess. I Googled this and all I could find is LCtrl or E. Now I can use some annointments that kick in on exiting IB. Made my day. Have a good evening.


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