Using Moze but Tediore Reload question

I recently using Moze and see some of her skills are based on splash damage however about Tediore…

How does reloading one in terms of damage works? If I shoot 1 bullet and reload I know it’ll do massive damage but that what kinda confuses me. Does it work based on high amount of Magazine or it’s percentage based? or is it something else entirely?

Say I have a T-shotgun with 10 Mag but I shoot 1 shell and it’s down to 9 left. Would that do more, same, or less than like a T-smg with 60 (59 Mag remaining) left?

I don’t wanna get a wrong idea on how it works when I’m using Moze but I appreciate in any help knowing how Tediore damage reload works on certain weapon categories made by Tediore

You almost had it. The damage is based off the amount of bullet still in the magazine, but that number is multiplied by the base damage per bullet on the card. So an SMG might do more damage with 60 bullets, but the shotgun is going to do more if the pellet count and card damage is higher, which for shotguns usually is.

Also in the game, unlike previous games. You can throw the gun without shooting. I’ve done it on a few guns, but not all. Not sure why that is.

If it is calculated the same way as it was in BL2, the three figures that factor into the damage value are (1) the base damage of the gun, (2) the number of bullets left in the mag, and (3) any external weapon/grenade damage bonuses (e.g. +30% grenade damage from a class mod).

In your example, if the shotgun and SMG both had a base damage of 100 and you threw each after firing one shot, the SMG would do more damage.

Ah I see. I knew I was somewhat on the right track about it. Thanks for letting me know how it works! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that some Tediore weapons function with MiD and Vampyr treating the thrown weapon like a grenade. Only the ones that throw and explode.

This kinda makes sense tho bc that’s Tediore reloads were boosted by grenade damage in BL2.

I smell build diversity after the meta players die out!

Oh right I keep forgetting they’re many varities on Tediore reloads. If that the case then this give me an idea on how to get free heals whenever I need to heal. Moze kinda the only one lacking in passive regeneration :frowning: