Using Old Homeworld Saves on the Classic Re-Release

Is there any way to use the old game saves for the original Homeworld on the classic (not remastered) re-release?


Have you tried copying them from your old saves -> singleplayer folder (might have gotten that backwards) to your new one?

Ah, forgot about this.

Copied it all over but now all the saves crash on loading into the level.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do that. Gearbox definitely patched the Classic Homeworld up as well. It has a higher version number than the old one (which was 1.05 with the latest patch released by Sierra I think), the old one refuses to run in Windows 7 (for me anyway).
I can also not look inside Gearbox’ Classic Homeworld .big files with one of the abundant .big file viewers around, so this file has been changed as well.

So the game’s .exe and .big files are different from the old version, most likely leading to savegame incompatibility.

That’s a pity, it’s clear the game can load the files but just needs to be debugged to support them properly.

Considering the classic releases are included it’s a shame they can’t handle the original save files.

Well, just got a mail from Gearbox support saying they are looking into a fix for this. Yay!

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So it’s been a year. Tried loading up an old save file from the original HW1 game into the HW1 Classic Re-release and it crashes right after loading (I see my ships for about a second).

I’m sure it’s not a priority for gearbox, but it would be nice!

Otherwise I’m gonna have to go digging for the old CD…haha

I actually think this is impossible. The old HW1 saves had function-pointer offsets INSIDE them - meaning the actual EXE has to be exactly the same to load/use a save. Since HW1 Classic in HW:RM has been rebuilt with modern tools, this is not going to be the case.

There’s really no way to overcome this - sorry!


Can’t you just re-play them again using the new formats?
I think it would be time-wise if you just re-play them once more, as what I did just yesterday…