Using saves from one Borderlands version to another


I have been playing Borderlands on PS3 for a while, using a version I bought in a shop. Today, I saw on the PS store a version of Borderlands available containing the game with all its DLC. I’d be interested in downloading it, as it will be cheaper than buying all DLC separately. However, I first want to make sure that that version of Borderlands will be able to access my saves of the version I am playing now. In other words, I don’t want to have to start from the beginning with the PS store version.

Can anyone confirm to me (or the contrary) that the saves will be readable by both games?


It is possible to get your saves off PS3, decrypt them, and use them on PC; I started on PS3 as well. It’s not too complicated a process.

That wasnt the question and cant be discussed here.
It was asking ps3 to ps4.
If its ps3 to ps3 as long as you have your saves youll be fine.
Wont matter if its disk or dlc.

Ok, a couple things:


  • yep, didn’t read the question carefully enough. Since it’s the same game on the same system, it’ll work fine.


  • discussing moving saves from PS3 to PC is allowed, since you’re not modifying a save to use on console. I may have misunderstood the question, but didn’t break any rules :stuck_out_tongue: