Using Sponsored By... with SCAV weapons

I’m not sure if this has been made known or not, but I haven’t seen anything on it from a precursory look through the threads. So, I’m writing about it here and waiting for some feedback.

If you have a SCAV weapon equipped, swapping to another equipped weapon will increase the second weapon’s mag size with the Sponsored By… skill. However, in my latest session with my L.37-8 Doppelganger, I found that if the swapped-to weapon is partially or completely empty, then the SCAV Manufacturer Bonus actually reloads that weapon instead.

I did this with a SCAV assault riffle and a Nukem rocker launcher, which has a long reload time (8.7 secs on the item card). I first fired a shot from the Nukem, which empties its mag with just one shot and starts the reloading animation. The reload was consistent with the item card. Then I fired and emptied the Nukem again, then promptly swapped to the SCAV assault rifle, then quickly swapped back to the Nukem. Sure, enough the Nukem was fully loaded and ready to be fired. I tried this on several other guns, and I found similar results. I even did this with two SCAV weapons: I kept firing both weapons, swapping between the two of them, and I never needed to reload before I exhausted all my ammo.

This discovery has made the skill Marginal Benefits pretty much obsolete for me.

I’m playing on a PS3, with the latest patch and hotfixes, if that is a consideration. Anyone care to try to recreate this SCAV-reload effect and comment, please?


I just tried it myself. It’s true.

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Does it also work with PARTIALLY empty guns ?

mind = blown

Yeah its been known from about week 1 of Jack’s release. I just took it for granted and assumed the forums already knew about it.

But I guess that is what happens when you ass-u-me something.

He talks about it around 3:20.

I can’t find the other video I wanted to find.

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Good to hear that it has been known, though perhaps not directly mentioned, in the forums. Still, at least this is confirmation of the SCAV-reload effect, and could now be included in future and updated guides.

It is.

Uh, no. It is not directly mentioned. In fact, that was one of the first threads I read through to find information about the Sponsored By… skill. It makes no mention of the swap->reload effect of SCAV weapons. It just repeats what’s already said on the skill description itself, and its usefulness in chucking Tediore weapons.

Because there is no direct mention of it, I felt compelled to start this particular thread to see if it was already known, or to let the forum community know about it if it wasn’t.

I knew about this already but I am just here to address the “no value in marginal benefits” point. I agree that the skill itself has little to no value, but it DOES have value in infinite glitch effects, as this scav workaround kills glitch effects.

Regardless, unless you’re running a Hyperion Engine and can’t afford to have Mudblood guns in the mix, Scav pistols are always solid utility guns.

To be fair, I’ve read that thread a dozen times and never really noticed it, but it is there.

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I’ve only read two or three times, five times at most, and I haven’t noticed any mention of the SCAV-reload effect. If it can’t be found, then how do we know it was there?

At the time when this thread was started, I could not find any mention of SCAV weapons auto-reloading other weapons when swapping with Sponsored By… on the above thread or any others. That is why this thread was created in the first place. It may have been a well known technique among Jack players, but it wasn’t explicitly included in any guides pertaining to the Doppelganger class, and that meant there were a number of people who were unaware of that technique.

If anyone wants to include the Sponsored By… SCAV-swapping trick in any new or existing guides, then I would support and encourage it. But to say that it can be found in the [Guide] Sponsored By - Weapon, bonus, and skill synergy - WIP thread prior to the creation of this thread is a plain and simple lie.

Your thread was created four days ago.

I last edited the guide on the 18th of April 2015.

It is in and has been for many, many months.
boombumr quoted it.
If you can’t find it, I can point it out for you.

It is not in that thread.

Boombumr did not quote it.

Point it out, not just for me, but for everyone else here.

As I said before, the SCAV-swapping from Sponsored By… described in this thread was never directly mentioned by yours. My reading comprehension is more than adequate to notice if it was in there or not.

But I’m giving you a chance to prove me wrong. Point it out.

Do you mean refilling an empty mag, or filling a mag in general?

If its the former then no, that isn’t explicitly stated in the thread. But if its the latter, I don’t really know what to say. If what I quoted above isn’t what you’re talking abot, could you give us a better idea of what it is you mean?

EDIT: Now that I think about, I think I get it. You meant that there was no mention of the SCAV sponsored by refilling empty mag, while me and Impala thought you mean it refilling partial mags since that was the last thing mentioned.

Going off this assumption then you are correct. There is no mention of the SCAV sponsored by refilling empty magezines in the sponsored by guide. There is mention of it refilling partial mags, but I’m assuming that wasn’t what you meant?

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Yes, thank you. Partiallly refilling mags has been mentioned, and it was connected to SCAV-to-SCAV swapping. What I’m saying is that SCAV-to-[Any make weapon] swapping will refill that weapon’s mag completely without the need for the reload animation.

SCAV-to- swapping can completely refill empty mags as well as partially empty mags, for any gun equipped. This has major implications for DPS builds that have been limited by reload times.