UVHM 2 New Legendary/Celestial Com Wishlist?

Back in Borderlands 2 when Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrade pack 2 came out with Digistruct Peak we were treated to some new pearlescents and new Legendary Coms! 3 Per toon.

Are any of you guys hoping we get some new COM’s for Willy?

Personally I wouldn’t mind a Legendary/Celestial Blaster Com with
% Laser Fire Rate & % Laser accuracy
+5 Fire support
+5 Laser Focus
+5 First to fight Or Targeting Scopes
+5 Welcome to the Gun Show
+5 Fortify
“I’m unstoppable!”

It’d kick sooooooo much ***.
I don’t really use Lasers anymore but hopefully some of the new “glitch ones” or uniques hopefully are fun to use.

A Legendary Howitzer with % Explosive damage and
% Critical Damage with
+5 Fire Support
+5 First to Fight
+5 Targeting Scopes
+5 Rapid Reinforcement
+5 Suppression
“Killin’ machine RIGHT here!”

A guy can dream right? :joy::sweat_smile::smiley:

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I like the Howitzer Com

But make it with Explosive Damage and something crazy like Heat Sinks…

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I thought about it xD
it was either rapid heat sinks or Divert Power
couldn’t quite make up my mind lol

The Howitzer com is TREMENDOUS in a Freezing/Explosive play style…

But it just needs more defense… I die a lot with it in the Hollodome even though I am killing things really quick.

So yeah…any of those three would be good although Heat Sinks at 10/5 would REALLY solve that coms problems methinks…

I just like the idea of Emergency Response or Rapid Reinforcement for it better personally >.<"
Reload Speed for Flakker & Ravager is just too important imo

You need to treat yourself…

One word…


Wonderful mixture of Flakker and Ravager…with better reload and it’s totally easy to get. I tried one a few months ago and have never looked back.

Okay will try :smile:

And is there a dream com you would like too see?

You hit the nail on the head in this thread…Legendary Howitzer…