UVHM - 50-60 with No Grinding

I’ve read posts from a lot of people saying that they did UVHM and only got to Level 54 so I thought I would play through doing most of the side quests and see where it got me.

Having gone through UVHM I was convinced the the storyline and side quests were pretty much spot on for UVHM

I also don’t feel the need to have every red text weapon at Level 60 - For example Bognella is perfect for the next few areas after you get her… If i want a level 60 weapon I can always play through again.

It’s very rare for me to do anything with my toon once i’ve got to the top level i much prefer levelling another

(Jack 60 - Nisha 60 - Willhelm 50 )

I specifically set out to do this without grinding however I did have a few lose “Rules” i used.

After every side mission where possible I Saved/quit this generally respawns all the mobs. Really only relevant in the Hub of Hyperion, Serenity Wastes and Triton Flats.

Triton Flats. where possible I walked everywhere, this usually gives you a whole heap of XP with 10 or so Suggaraths and 5 or 6 buggies, plus the meteors are a good source of cash and loot.

Whenever i fast travelled to Triton flats for a side quest I paid a visit to the darksiders, this was also a good way of testing any new weapons and skills.

I didn’t do any of the timed side quests or the one where you collect 50 white weapons zzzzzzzzzzzzz

In the end i didn’t (need to) do any side quests after fighting Zarpadon.

I Didn’t use the slaughter pit or the holodome

So how did it go?

Level 50 Start - Fought every kraggon I came across including going looking for Phonic

Level 51 - entered Concordia

Level 52.3 Entered Outlands canyon for the first time

Level 52.9 Entered Pitys Fall

Level 53.2 Got the AI after killing Bosun

Level 53.2 - 55 Side quests … there a load available in Concordia and From Pickle etc

55 - entered Titon Industrial facility

55.9 Entered Jacks Office

56 - Science and Violence + side quests from jacks office and the research facility

57.5 Veins of helios

58.4 Vorago Solitude

58.7 Tycho’s Ribs

59.5 Sentinel

I beat the sentinel but then went to Ojimura to upgrade my weapons killed him 4 times did the deliver the message side quest and killed a few darksiders and then hit level 60 I then retuned properly 'Tooled up" and made the Empyrean Sentinel my bitch


I did similar things in TVHM as well as UVHM a lot of great XP there

I just finished my second toon’s playthrough of UVHM a half bar to 60.

I didn’t do much refarming or remobbing like OP, but I just did the side quests that were fun or gave me some guns/shields to bridge the gap until the next hand me down from my first toon. If you skip all the side quests to avoid missing out on a second or third level 60 Too Scoops or Boganella then you are going to have a bad time and are gonna have to grind.

While I didn’t do this for XP, if you play Clappy or Athena you should always walk everywhere anyway as otherwise you get skillbugged. And I discovered this makes Triton Flats super fun. Kind of like the TPS version of The Dust.

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Those two areas are quite similar. They are both very large, mostly flat and open areas connecting to mutliple other areas, both have plenty of vehicle spawn stations, and both are fairly dangerous to navigate on foot due to randomly spawning enemies everywhere.

Seems pretty reasonable. Now there are 20 levels to get through now. And the claptrap DLC too. So a good path after completing TVHM is probably to go to claptrap DLC (after visiting whats her name in UVHM and getting your first fast travel station) and complete every mission with frequent saving and quitting to maximize mob killing. Should take you to level 55+ I think. Then you do main game again. Hopefully adding about 5 to 10 levels. Then a reset and repeat. Perhaps some claptrap arena for a bit for kills and quest XP.

One thing I do, that I learned from Borderlands 2, is to never take more than 2 or 3 quests at a time in UVHM. This is because the quests always scale to your level. Also if you gain a level or 2 while completing/handing in quests and have more quests in your log from 2+ levels ago, you won’t get as much EXP for completing them as you would have at the same level.

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Of course all this predicates playing solo. On the toons that I prefer to co-op with I just constantly reset my uvhm play through so that I get quest XP from whomever I jump in with.

This means you’re dependent on other people’s playthroughs though and someone being available online. That was a problem with handsome collection for a while. I think we’re finally past that though.