UVHM Advice Please

Yeah, I am on a damn fine rescue so sanctuary is there. Guess I will just burn a few keys then. Thanks.

You might also want to check out this thread, as well as the resources for the character you’re playing, since build becomes extremely important in UVHM. But start here:

It’s possible to switch back to TVHM and use the keys there, since the chest is always at your level.

True dat.

Go to pete’s bar and do the brawl mission at normal, when you have 650 tokens switch to UVHM and buy an unkept harold


There is a down-side to that, which is the risk of becoming totally dependent on the UH and not really developing the tactics/build/etc. that makes UVHM both manageable and fun. Don’t get me wrong - I have a few Harolds between all my characters. It’s just that there are plenty of other really good weapons you can find through general play e.g. a good Jakobs or Vladof AR with scope for multiple crits.

This and several other good Guns/Grenades can be farmed through those machines also

yes maybe for a siren the kerblaster is better

Ok but without any tactic or good build the UH is not going to save you every time, expecially for a siren, but can help with toughter enemies like constructor

UVHM is only hard the first time you struggle through it. When you come back with other toons, you’ll laugh at how you managed to have such a hard time the first time through. But for now, just remember to use cover, get new weapons every 1-2 levels (legendaries could last maybe 4 levels), and find a new shield every level without fail. The good news is the bosses that drop legendaries scale with you, so once you unlock them you can get a new really good weapon every level if you have the patience.

Good idea switching to TVHM for the chest. I may have to use that trick when I am…hmmm how to say this without spoilers…re-locate sanctuary.

Ah yes, that can be… awkward. The good news is that you can also still hit Three Horns, The Dust, Bloodshot Stronghold/Dam, and Frostburn Canyon for red chests, etc. I actually got badly stuck there in TVHM once when I ran through too quickly perpetually under-levelled, and had to hit one of the DLCs to make up the deficit!

I know what ya mean! I farmed a lvl 50 rapid infinity from mercy and a bee from helquist before starting UVHM. I felt like a beast when I started UVHM, was even wondering why people thought UVHM was so hard…them I hit lvl 53 and reality set in! I am getting by, but there is no way in heck I am going past bloodshot at this point without a few decent corrosive weapons.

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Farm Knuckeldragger if you need to. Corrosives always seem to be few and far between in the early missions for some reason, but they are there. Red chests and the Golden Chest can sometimes cough up a nice corrosive blaster or plasma caster.


Thanks for all the help man. I found a wiki page that listed all still active golden keys. Some even from 2013 where still active for xbox one. I literally have 99 golden keys now! :slight_smile: gonna sign on soon, grab myself a corrosive and continue on. I just pray RNGesus is good to me.

New keys are added to the master key list as they’re posted as well.

Tip 1:

Do you have “badass crater of badassiitude” DLC?

If yes, go back to normal gameplay mode. go to the beatdown, then pyro petes bar. There do the bar brawl mission thing until it is level 50. The level 50 mission can be played again and again and again. If you are doing well, you get those 613 coins in less than 2 houres. (maybe a little more due to your level).

Then RETURN TO UVHM and visit the torque vending machine. if it has a unkempt herold, buy it. if not. save, reload. look again at machine. soon you will have an unkempt harold of your level, will help a lot getting enemys down. If you did not reach pyro petes bar right now in UVHM, then there is another vending machine available right from beginning, just take the car and look for it.

Tip 2:

If you are singleplayer, you may encounter enemys who can not be taken down with one life and who have respawned to full power when you return. if you are stuck due to such issues, then do the following:

-> Create second character (on xbox you need a second account too which does not need to be registered online, just call it coop).
-> If enemy respawns, call in second character and place him near to the enemy at a safe spot. Often it is possible to do so without entering enemys aera. If this character is near enough, the enemy may not respawn anymore
-> Now just forger about money and dying and costs. Run up to that enemy, pump him full of lead until you die, return and continue until finally you get him down.

a DPUH is very helpful with those nasty rabid stalkers & skaggs that are a PITA since they usually arrive in pairs (or swarms). you might also need to change tactics in certain areas. the sanctuary chest is a life-saver with at-your-level purple gear. if you are stuck, go elsewhere and come back later. (it took me several tries to get past UVHM bloodwing for instance…) good luck!

Check every vending machine, chest , locker, container- whatever. I once got a legendary grenade mod out of one of the lockers in Ellie’s garage and with the recent tweaks to drop rates you might even get something very nice in a machine. As for the Mr Torgue dlc: depending on how far into it you get there are 8 machines available, and all 8 can be reached in the 20 minute window that Deal of the Day is active (making that run will also allow you to get XP and loot chests for gear). I can usual make 3 loops before enemy start to heavily respawn- that’s when I save the game in order to reset the chests and try again. Try the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day dlc for the loot train (always a good source of treasure). Eventually you’ll get to the point that what you find will be better than what you get out of the Gold Key chest in Sanctuary- good luck!

No one’s mentioned the Bee shield yet. If you’re willing to fight tactically, and keep the shield charged as much as possible, it gives a boost to all your weapons. As Maya, I was particularly fond of Bee + Plasma Caster.

To get a Bee at your point of the game you’ll need the Tina DLC (4). It doesn’t take long to get to the Forest where you can farm Treants to your heart’s content. You can combine it with my favourite 5 chest run and upgrade your gear at the same time. Just stop to kill the Treants rather than dodging them :smile:

I hope you get back on course with UVHM very soon.

At first the enemies are going to seem overwhelming due to the weapons you’ve probably been using the past 5-7 levels. Using your keys is a good idea, to fill in miscellaneous slots of weapons such as a sniper or rocket… If you don’t have a norfleet. The enemies will continue to get stronger as you do. At this point, I would suggest leveling up to a 72 via the bar. Then I would suggest farming for an Infiniti pistol, a double penetrating herald, and some class mods/relics via chubbies or a solid shield like the bee or even an evolution works good. At 72, the pistols I mentioned should carry you through the game and even into the first couple OP rounds. Once your able to get a sand hawk to accompany a bee shield, you’ll be money. Norfleets are nasty, but hard to get as a drop. Easier to get as a trade or gift. I barely use mine and use the said weapons through OP8 and every boss battle in the game. Try to farm the minecraft shotty from the badass creeper if you can’t get a CC.

Ive been reading and listening. I just hit data mining, gonna farm helquist for a better bee, then its time to end this!..until op levels. Thanks again for all the great advice, I’d be stuck at bloodshot if it wasnt for this awesome community! Wish me luck.

Ps. If anyone is close to 58 and wants to tag along on xbox one, the gt is Mr BWat