UVHM Anyone? (Looking For Group)

Just hit level 72 and about to start UVHM as a gunzerker! My PSN name is Oenology. Message/friend me and join my game! I have a mic and itd be better if you did too so we can communicate better. HMU! PS if you already have a group going ill join you instead if you want.

Hey there! We dont use mics but me and a friend of mine are climbing OP and are happy to help you or play with you through Raids , missions or anything that you may need help with :slight_smile: . We play for fun and just to mess around . You can add me if you ever want to play! We have a chat group that we message on . PSN - Hammerlift ( Theres usually 3 of us if not 2 for sure ) .

Feel free to add me as well, always playing whatever. Just message me if your on and want to run something . Psn is same as username