UVHM at lvl 51... I hit a wall (surprise)

All my weapons suck, though yes I realize I’ll need to slag anything to kill it, to that end, I’ve specced into double up, though it only lets me kill things for a couple of seconds until my turret expires then I’m screwed until cooldown is up.

I’m still in Liars burg, trying to farm a leveled Kerblaster. After that I may go farm snowman a few times before I take on captain flynnt.

Any advice?

Have you tried looking through this?
Some (very general) advice:

  1. This is UVHM, not NVHM. Bandits are much stronger, and have much more health. Use slag, use cover.
  2. Don’t hang on to your gear for too long. A higher level white may outclass a lower level legendary.
  3. Recognize spawn locations. Don’t stand in the middle of combat with 20 bandits around you. Take 'em on little by little, then work your way forward.
  4. Have a way to heal in combat. You can’t be 1-shot when you have more than 50% of your health. Moxxi guns and transfusion grenades are great.

Solid advice in that thread…

Going through UWHM for the first time with no “superguns” stashed at various levels is definetly challenging. There are a handful of guns that will last from level 50 up to level 54-ish, but they are few. And relying on them might not be in your best interest at the end of the day.

Just take your time! Don’t rush in! Get your health up and let the cooldown run out before you enter the next battle. Enemies that deal a lot of damage should be your priority. It’s a learning experience!


Well there have been far worse cases of people getting into UVHM, so I think you’ll do just fine. Just find a decent slagging tool for when turret is recharging and guns will do damage.

So I may put UVHM on hold for a bit. I want to farm some stuff in TVHM first like ogre and shredifier, I’ve never owned either.

So here’s my plan, open to constructive criticism:

Farm up a leveled DPUH, Kerblaster, and a decent slagging tool in TVHM. Then I’ll go into UVHM and farm the snowman chest for a legendary COM.

From there I think I can freely work my way into UVHM and also farm those legendary ARs I mentioned at the top of this post.

As you are only L51, you can farm Pete for crystals possibly and buy L50 seraphs in TVHM.

Shredifier is a world drop, so leg loot midgets are probably your most consistent farming source. Ogre drops from boss in final round of magic slaughter, a long slog to get through to him, great gun but it’s work to get it. Other good COM’s drop from the snowman chest, so if the RNG gods aren’t giving you the Leg Soldier you want, you may get something really useful like a Grenadier or an Engineer with sentry and battlefront.

In general, if you are farming bosses, you are actually gaining levels at a good clip. If your goal is to get to op8 hell or high-water, then that’s a good method. Otherwise, take a few decent guns like the DPUH, Kerblaster, slagging gun, and a badaboom and just run through the game dying a lot like we all did at first and just learning how to play UVHM. With some characters (like Axton), I enjoyed getting to op8 a lot more than playing them at op8 and I’m glad I didn’t just sit there and farm the same boss 20 times to gain 5 levels. I admit that I did this a bit for a level or two with the Warrior to gain eridium from time to time, but looking back, there was no need to do that and I would have preferred to gain those levels by playing the game.

Here are some easy to farm items that are quite powerful. Terramorphous and the Warrior are both very easy to farm at L50, but take a bit to get to and some time to kill, even if they aren’t that hard.

Leg Class COM’s (the top row modifiers): Snowman Chest/Tubbies/Loot Midgets
DPUH: Torgue vending machines/Savage Lee
Sandhawk/Pimpernel/Jolly Roger/Orphan Maker: All quest rewards from Scarlett DLC and all easy quests on top of that, just takes a little time to work your way through the DLC.
Bee: Hunter Hellquist/Treeants in the Forest
Once you reach the Dust and its side quests, you can get Lyuda, Hammerbuster, Veruc, Nukem, Slagga or Maggie (depending Hodunk or Zaford).
Badaboom: Need to be at the plot point to get Eridium Blight area, but King Mong spawns in one of two easy to reach locations and so is a quick farm unless you need specific parts or a specific element.


Keep in mind that the chests are considerably better in UVHM than in TVHM. Blue and purple guns will do the job, and require little effort. There’s also the Golden chest in Sanctuary. Don’t get too dependant on legendaries. They will indeed make life easier, but it’s not necessary to have them.

Since they’re farmable relatively early on in the questline, there’s always the option to farm them in UVHM. Then you let them take you as far as they will do the job. When they start feeling weak, you reset the playthrough and repeat the process.

You can also take your char to Pyro Pete’s bar and farm Torgue Tokens. If you do it in NVHM, it will be very easy. Then you get those guns from a Torgue vending machine.

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The enemies in UVHM constantly scale to your level don’t they? I wouldn’t even have to reset it would I?

As for torgue tokens… I’m not sure I want to open that DLCs can of worms yet. I used that method in the past, which is why I’m dead set on farming the actual drops I guess.

I don’t think that it’s worth farming those guns for UVHM, because damage scaling of weapons have singnificiant jump on UVHM. They’ll be outdated soon, so why even bother spending time to farm them? Well, anyway there is also a thing that the guns you’re planning to farm don’t care much for critical hits, however landing critical hits is pretty important on UVHM. I’d suggest doing “Bad hair day” quest and turning in to Hammerlock, because the green Jakobs sniper he gives is pretty good for the job of doing a lot of damage from criticals.

Do you have Contraband Sky Rocket available? If you do, it’s a great way to keep up in UVHM for not having to refarm your grenade mod.

Perhabs the real question is how to take out Captain Flynt, since he hides his critical hit spot and is pain in ass. I guess that’s where gun like Unkempt Harold would be useful.

Err… Dang! :blush: Of course! Guess I was in the clouds there for a while. Sorry about that.

You’re absolutely right! They can be farmed whenever you want to. I probably had my mind set on quest rewards. That’s when you need to reset.

Axton can get better use out of the weapons you desire but as has been mentioned, they will start to fall by the wayside after 4-5 levels. As has been said- take your time, wait for your action skill to recharge and use slag judiciously. A low level slag Bouncing Betty could probably be found in normal or at level slag transfusions for when your turrets are on cool down. While you haven’t mentioned your build I would suggest having Longbow Turret as a skill to help with your turret’s durability- it could make a world of difference in the early going…

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I have two explosive-focused Axtons, and while I currently use x4 Magic Missiles along with a double-upped turret for slagging, I’ve been thinking of giving them Slaggas instead to free up “grenade time” for Bonus Packages/Meteor Showers… because explosive Axton. :wink:

Farm yourself up a Slagga in normal or true mode if you can; it doesn’t matter what level the Slagga is, it will still paint baddies purple.

I’d suggest Fastballs as well- I use them as my FFL weapon of choice in UVHM, and the Slagga- if it’s close to being on level- can still kill as well as slag…

The Slagga is a great weapon. I used a LV 50-Slagga up to Level 72 with my Psycho and the Commando gets a lot out of it too. Additional use of slag-bettys in combination with double-up should cover all slagging needs.
I like to use Mag-Lock to throw the turret at any place out of enemies’ reach. While the enemies are wasting their time trying to hit the turret that’s slagging them, the player can kill them.

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