UVHM BL2 question

Is there anyway to make this mode easier than swapping to a slag weapon every time you see an enemy? Its stupid difficult to kill enemies without slag :frowning:

Unfortunately no… Welcome to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode!!!

Use a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, a Norfleet or a Pimpernel. Other than that, no. Slag is essential. The game flat out tells you that before you start UVHM. There are ways of slagging enemies that don’t require constantly swapping weapons, if that’s not your cup of tea. Some of the character classes have passive slagging mechanisms built into their skills (like Axton and Maya) and using grenades to slag enemies is a good alternative. I play as Axton mostly, and I never had to do the weapon swapping thing.

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Ig I gotta try those 2 characters then. Kind of a bummer, I really like playing krieg

Krieg does absolutely fine in UVHM. In fact, he’s my favorite character to play on that difficulty. He’s a total beast.

Ig I suck harder than I thought then lol

Get yourself a Magic Missile grenade from TVHM. I never bothered with that weapon switching crap. Toss a grenade, then hit em with EXPLOSIONS!!! XD
(Seriously, though. Magic Missile. It’s the tits.)

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Magic missiles are always good; there are alternatives if you’re having trouble getting to where they drop in DLC4. That said, I level 50 MM will last a long time in UVHM since you’re really only using it for slag.

The DP Unkempt Harold is a great gun, but it can become a bit of a crutch. There are LOTS of ways to succeed in UVHM without relying on one. Take a look here, and then also follow the links to the relevant character section for more specific advice, including viable skill trees:

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Everyone sucks their first time in UVHM, I know I did. A few things to keep in mind.

  • The first few levels of UVHM are the hardest, you just jumped up massively in difficulty and enemy scaling but you do not yet have the skill points to compensate.

  • UVHM is more of a skill check than gear check, but bad gear is weaned out. What I mean is you can no longer afford to have a bad build and you need to do things like match elements, slag, crit. You need to really start using the mechanics of the game to your advantage.

-If you are having too much trouble post your set up here, build and gear and we will gladly help because we enjoy that. I know I shouldn’t speak for everyone but a lot of us here do. We were all in your boat at some point and we got help from others. I want everyone to enjoy this game like I do. http://bl2skills.com use that to show your build and also do it in the character section you are playing.


Leveling up in UVHM is a very painful experience and slag is almost required. I say almost because you can do without, but you may want to have a punching bag nearby for stress relief.

Keep in mind you do not have to have a high level weapon to slag a target, you can use a very low level weapon such as a Rubi from the first run or a Slagga. The best slagging tool though is the Grog Nozzle, but you have to keep a mission open and Tina’s DLC can be extremely annoying in UVHM.

Also if you do not like using grenades that much for damage you can use Magic Missiles which are reliable but like other homing grenades they can act stupid if the enemy dives behind cover.

Well for a build I use either maya with her elemental skill tree and the motion skill tree and I do have a dp harold and a slagging shotgun that shoots the weird slag ball things. I’m also pretty reliant on my quasar and its only lvl 50 with a big boom blaster. On my krieg I have his melee tree and his fire tree maxxed with a firehawk shield and heart breaker and I think a low lvl slagga

Also maya lvl 58 krieg 57

Quasars a fairly resilient in UVHM because you mainly use them to strip shields. Time to look for something else though if it’s level 50 and you’re level 57/58. A good purple Tesla grenade mod will help until you find something else (another quaser, storm front, …) and you can find those sooner or later through the golden chest. You’re at what I consider to be the roughest part of UVHM, which is basically 55-59. Once you get up to 60 and beyond, the fact that you have a more fully-realised skill tree makes the game much more fun again. I’d recommend keeping your eyes open for a sag plasma caster - you’ll find it way easier to use than the etech shotguns, and some of them deal pretty decent damage at the same time.

Its gonna be so hard to let go of my qua qua, all of the clutching its done for me. Where do you get another from?

Quasars are dropped from UBA Varkids, one stage before vermi or from world drops.

If you are level 57/58 you should be at the point where your skills can start to make the game easier but its also time to get new gear. Your level 50 stuff most likely started getting weak around 55. So pick up new gear, it doesn’t have to be legendary or red text. Purple and blue items can be more than enough.

A solid purple Jakobs, maliwan, or vladof sniper can get you a long ways, plasma casters do a ton of work, quads, coach guns, and ravagers. So many great non red text guns.

Then you have your red text guns along the way. Don’t worry about saving missions because you can reset uvhm. The Heartbreaker was one of those guns that helped me a lot while I leveled up but there are so many more. You can go back to Knuckle Dragger and farm a hornet when you are about to get close to the loader areas.

Don’t just keep your gear because it has red text, update you gear and the game will be much easier.

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These are all correct, passive skills are a great way to slag enemies (turret, ruin, Interspersed Outburst, Kunai) magic missles (though i prefer slag singulary grenades), plus there’s the Florentine from Tiny Tina.

UVHM is basically test of will, skill, gear, and build. Definitely get yourself a Grog Nozzle, or Moxxi’s Rubi w/ slag. Health regen is going to be your friend.

I’ve taken all of these tips and I have had alot more of a success in uvhm but now I’m on the warrior and I can’t even kill him, all of my weapons tickle him and I don’t think I can slag him. Any suggestion for this boss fight?

There are two spots people like to use for this fight if they can’t get it done any other way.

(1) You can either make a dash past the moonshot console and head all the way to the left up on to the “perch”, or just die, respawn, and then stay right by the main entrance where you drop down. Either way, the Warrior’s attacks won’t get you.

(2) There’s a spot on the right just before the console where there’s a narrow “alley” between two big blocks of stone. If you’re tucked in their, the Warrior’s attacks are mostly harmless. You can get launched into the air when he slams the ground, so you need to make sure you don’t land in the lava and get back in p;ace quickly. Also, if you venture too far out from this spot, the fire breath AoE will get you.

Either way, take out the Warrior’s chest plates ASAP and blast away. Explosive and shock are good bets. He also takes some corrosive DoT, but not fire. If you land shots either in the chest (once the plates are off), mouth, or any of the glowing cracks you can see on the Warrior’s flank, you will get more damage and DoT.

It’s a bit tedious, but certainly doable solo with any character. (Axton and Gaige have it easier than the others in some respects.)

For Krieg, anytime you’re not in RtB use a slag Rubi. A Magic Missile is great, but doesn’t work well with Blood Lust stacks. If you’re using a Flame of the Firehawk, the slag Rubi will keep you alive while killing absolutely everything and a real hoot…until you run into something fire resistant. Orcs especially go up like matchsticks.

what vault hunter are you playing? if your vault hunter of choice doesnt have a slag mechanic in their skills, use a slag gun then inflict as much damage as possible with the appropriate element/weapon. Maliwan pistols, snipers, and smg’s are excellent for slagging, especially if they have a Maliwan grip.

If your character does have slag via skills, you might be able to get away with using a slag grenade, forgoing a slag weapon all together. I wouldn’t recommend this, due to how FFYL works. It would still be best to have a good slag weapon of your choice equipped.

Look for these to slag and unshield: Florentine/Chulainn, Rubi/Grog Nozzle, Pimpernel/Maliwan Railer/Snider/Rakehell, and all barreled variant slag Maliwan smgs. Try these mfr’s to slag and do high damage: Vladof Droog/Moloko/Lyuda/White Death or Anarchist/Stinger/Stalker, also Hyperion B!tch/Transmurdera or Policy/Competition/Hybridification and lastly Interfacer/Conference Call/Development/Crowdsourcing. Big purple booms! Bandit offers the Slagga/Tattler/Slagy and Oberkill/Room Clener/Stret Sweper for a balance of dps and chance to slag.