UVHM Bosun is ridiculously hard

When the hell did this poor excuse for a floating tashcan become so damn tough? managed to get through the whole game solo but this guy is ridiculous. im playing a melee hybrid athena lvl 55, any advice or help?

avoid the floor.

IIRC Shock was the answer to this guy…but could be wrong…been a while.

Melee? I have no expertise/advice whatsoever.

I’m one of those rootin tootin gun slingers and never melee.

get a clear skies oz kit and hit him hard with an electric sniper and RL. be sure to take out his shield generators as well. there is a BA rank challenge for killing w/o doing so, for that I recommend a longnail SR.

Well, seeing as how he’s an airborne enemy, your first mistake was being melee oriented. I don’t know how many legendaries you have, but if you have access to a Thunderfire, your maelstrom stacks will be through the roof. You can then switch to an explosive weapon, a hellfire, a maggie, a fragnum. Or you could use a longnail. I like to hide out on the first floor, at the 9 o clock when you first enter. You can still keep an eye on the Bosun and dodge most of his attacks. Just keep an eye on your own health and be prepared for FFYL. I also suggest an adaptive shield.