UVHM Clappy Deadlift Trouble

Hey guys.

Bit embarassed to say Im having some trouble against Deadlift in UVHM.

His shield just seems like ridiculously strong!

I have tried Shock Rosie, Shock Hail, Shock IVF, Cyber Eagle…i have managed to take off at most half his shield before getting killed and stranded somewhere with no Scav minions to kill despite my now insanely long FFYL mode.

Do the good ol’ will-always-work way: Get a good Hyperion shotgun and shove it in his ass. And by shove it, I mean follow him like you’re a stalker. This has always worked for me.

Also, befire @ACNAero chimes in, I’m not even drunk!


Also, a purple Tediore shield with the shield Subroutine is wonderful. Do that too.

He ninja’d my ninja edit about him!

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You crack me up, buddy!

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Try to butt-slam him all the time, he won’t move. After each slam u can get some nice crits…
This always works for me.

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Got him, thst bloody annoying bandit!

Took @ACNAero’s advice, followed him as close as I could, and, as much as possible, Voltaic buttslammed his butt, which led to easy Eagle headshots.

Once his shield was gone, i stayed far away and let my Homing Bonus Package and long range Striker shotty whittle him down.

Also, waa wearing a 94 percent Sham shield.

Why? When his shield is gone, you can actually shove the barrel in his ass D:

Insert the foot-in-ass x-ray image from Undercover Brother. If you’ve seen that movie, you know what I’m talking about.

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I just wanted to be safe and done with him!

A vid of the fight at lvl 60. Still works for lvl 70.

Blightbot + Torgue shotgun, fast kill.

How exactly does Blightbot help to kill him fast?

Distraction, go and shoot him in the head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm,didn’t think about that.

Still,for action package against Deadlift I prefer the usual:Gun Wizard or Pirate Ship Mode.

Pirate mode is too slow, you will take laser shot in the face.

It is not like you get to pick the mode anyways. I seem to always get meat bicycle.

I cryo’ed DL with butt slams and fridgia, then used vibra-pulse to get the shield off, then maybe a fire Rosie to finish it.

Not as efficient as that video above. Wow! That was a quick DL kill. LOL!

I gotta get lucky on the DL runs too, and not have a lot of BA scavs spawn … not have DL spam those shock balls at me … and be able to find DL … sometimes he is hard to find.