UVHM cryo effectiveness

(Arch Angels Wrath) #1

Im about 3/4 of the way through TVHM and am currently using the cold money tree. As the weakness and resistance of enemies is buffed in UVHM i was just wondering if anyone has had a lot of success with cryo in that mode or if i should just spec into sniping.

(David A.) #2

I would probably spec into sniping for the first level, then back into Cold Money for the rest of UVHM unless you decide you want to do a hybrid or skip sniping entirely.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #3

If you want to go full cryo, you should spec into Frostbite. It helps a lot in UVHM. I run a sniping-cryo-hybrid and with Frostbite, i can switch between the playstyles nice and smoothly. Without it, the shard is still a great assist but the damage it does is littled away through enemys shield’s resistance.

(David A.) #4

Definitely agree about Frostbite. At 9/5 the shard can kill a lot of enemies on its own.

(Arch Angels Wrath) #5

this is my current build http://thepresequel.com/Aurelia/3250013100005140015130111000000000000
i use the celestial com at lv 40 so +4 on the skills affected.

just wasn’t sure how well frostbite would work on the shields in UVHM due to they have 2x the shield and it is resistant anyway

(David A.) #6

Word. Well if you find a class mod that boosts Frostbite you should try it out since you have it at 5/5 anyway. I’m not running 9/5 Frostbite anymore but I do believe it’s +99% cryo damage to shields so that’s pretty nice. Plus you’ve got Avalanche, Short Summer, and Wintertide, plus Bitter Riposte and Winter Veil so you already have a pretty strong cryo build.

(... or not ...) #7

Cold Money is fine for UVHM mobbing - Cryo + shard makes for easy mode - only problem you will have with her is some Boss fights.

btw - always have 1 point in Bitter Riposte and Winters Veil as they freeze enemies really well.

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #8

Weakness yes.
Resistance no.

Cryo has the same exact modifiers as it did in TVHM.