UVHM Difficulty and preperation

So, beat TVHM with no issues once I figured out how to play melee Kreig properly (harder than it looks on ha) and spent some time farming for gear on TVHM before saying “screw it” and moving to UVHM.

Now, all I’ve read was that UVHM is a PITA and extremely difficult, but melee Kreig just steamrolls it so far (got to Sanctuary and only died once from my own stupidity). Knowing the melee Kreig is, well, melee Kreig, I decided to not use RtB and run around with a bandit slag SMG. Once things are slagged, its still not “OMG this game is so f****** hard!!!”. I honestly feel like CoD Multiplayer was significantly more difficult.

What am I missing? In regards to farming TVHM for gear, it seems like gear is outclassed (even Legendary) within 2-3 levels on UVHM so, beyond easily obtained Uniques and Legendary items (Rubi, RR, etc.), why do people insist on spending hours farming TVHM? Are all the posts about how hard UVHM just an overreaction? Not trying to be sarcastic but I was led to believe that UVHM was going to kick my butt without having super legendaries from TVHM and slag rubi, etc etc. In reality, it just requires proper planning and FPS mechanics?

Anyone else feel the same?

Edit: except Buzzards. Buzzards are the bane of my existence as Kreig.

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Whaa??? That’s the capstone of a Melee build. Use that thing, it increases your survivability and damage by a lot.

Keeps reading.

Ah. In short, no. Melee Krieg makes the game very easy. If you had first done UVHM as any other character, you would have been in for a shock. But Krieg was designed with UVHM in mind, the other 5 characters were designed with TVHM in mind.

Yeah, I purposefully stopped using RtB (Kept mania/Bloodlust build though) and started using slag and guns to see if it was tremendously difficult. Once things got slagged, it was basically “Match the element with the weakness and down the enemy goes”. I wonder if the reason why people find UVHM crazy hard is that they play like they do on NVHM… “See enemies, jump in middle of enemies, abosrb bullets, shoot enemies while absorbing bullets” instead of “See enemy, plan accordingly, use cover, slag, grenades, and only aggro X enemies if possible”.

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Well, when I first did UVHM, I didn’t know slag was required. So I was running around with a Jakobs pistol and some crappy gear. The fact that enemies have x4 health and health regen was a total shock to me when I first attempted UVHM. So shocked, as a matter of fact, that I vowed to never play UVHM with any character afterward… And now I have 4 of the 6 characters at level 72 Sometimes a huge difficulty spike will cause those kinds of reactions. Also see: my reaction the first time I fought Eclipse/EOS in the Claptastic Voyage in TPS.

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This is exactly why people think it’s uber-impossible-hard.

If you understand the dynamics, play accordingly and maybe throw in some teammates, it’s not really the Rage-fest people like to say it is :smile:

I run melee Zero. The only time I slag is when I’m in FFYL.

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Except Buzzards. God I hate buzzards.

Also the reason I love Kreig. Instead of “Ok… now we follow traditional strategy and FPS mechanics…” it’s "Oh look! 20 bandits with rocket launchers and flamethrowers! Promptly jumps in middle of them, takes rocket(s) to face, proceeds to faceroll everything in sight with RtB and Bloodsplosion.

Edit: Note that this also makes playing other characters, such as Axton, quite frustrating. Does not take rockets to face well at all…

Yeah, buzzards suck.

And I can’t quite face-tank the guys with rocket launchers. I do have to dance around behind them… but then I get an extra 1000% damage buff, so it’s cool.

I think that Krieg makes the game a little easier because, as said, he is designed for UVHM.
Also, people usually dont play smart in UVHM as you said. Once you use slag, take cover and use your grenades and action skill in a smart way it gets a lot easier than playing without thinking.

I actually just got Krieg to lvl 72 too. It’s pretty easy if you have FotF and elemental empathy and RtB. Only enemies that gave me trouble were armored ones. Even then, I’d go in to FFYL but the UH with Strip the Flesh would usually save me.

Krieg is just one of those characters that gets much easier to play as the higher he gets in level.

Now I’m playing as Axton and I suck.

Knowing the game mechanics certainly help.

Like everyone else said Melee Krieg is the easiest UVHM character in the game. He was the first character I got to 72 and when I got to UVHM with my second character, a Maya, it blew me away.

I eventually stopped playing her because it was simply not fun.

Even with Slag, taking cover, and advancing slowly?

I got her up to 68 or so but the super cautious playstyle wasn’t for me at that point.

I just got Gaige into UVHM and it’s not as bad as that first try with Maya.

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Yeah, i’m worried about that with Axton as well. I’m so used to (and flat out enjoying) the whole “take rockets to face and laugh” playstyle that it’s hard to go back to traditional FPS tactics.

Gotta hand it to gearbox. Brilliant character design. Now if that only applied to their bug-fixing skills… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gotta take the bad with the good.

Try Life Tap with a Trickster com to boost it. You become a walking Moxxi gun.

Truer words were never spoken- they approach UVHM like I approached Digistruct Peak- full of worry over how hard it was supposed to be. Both are more frustrating than difficult if you rely too much on one weapon or technique to get by- you really have to plan out your build, master your techniques and get good with the gear you have until you get the gear you want. That being said- rabid skags, crystal skeletons, skeleton mages and super badass surveyors- the person(s) that came up with these game ideas need to flogged to death with a wet noodle…

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Hey, leave Axton out of it!!! :yum:

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I think, more than being designed for UVHM, K was designed with OP’s in mind.
Yet, it’s hard to solo between OP7 and 8.

Try op8, as all toons in level 72 are easy mode if you know how to spec and gear them up.
Krieg is like sal especially with elem shotgun.
Blood bath 500% damage bonus with leg reaper plus 100% shotgun damage bonus from salt the wound.
Only play op8 is fair to the enemies.
Try to run him through tina dlc in op8, you would be surprised if you are not prepared.
But you don’t give him up as he is still good if you know how to spec and gear him up.

Axton turret actually scales well with UVHM! If you place them well, it’s not that difficult to play through UVHM at all.
Just try to start UVHM with Scorched Earth and Longbow. Mag-Lock is a good skill to have too, but you have to know where to place the turret because of terrain glitch and stuff.