UVHM Difficulty and preperation

I’m about to start the Big Game Hunt with him now at OP8- I’m using a Mania/Hellborn build with elemental Butchers and a L. Torch class mod- it should be fun…

Why mania/hellborn?
You will lose 250% blood bath with torch or 500% with leg reaper.
Leg reaper is more effective with bb as it double the kill skill time.
blood lust stacks is very easy and fast.
Activate bb also easy, what u need is blockhead, omen, rubi, non bandit pc, hellfire, duph, tediore reload, etc.

Because I’ve never run a Hellborn Krieg build before and wanted to give it a try- it looks like this BTW:
Blood Overdrive, Numbed Nerves and Fire Fiend were all in the running for the final 4 points- since this is the first time I’ve tried Hellborn I’m still playing around with a lot of stuff…

bloodlust 15 pts to reach blood bath, blood twitch is better option to stack bloodlust, since melee or action skill are rendered useless.
Mania 20pts to reach salt the wound (if you not using shotgun, more pts for hellborn), empty the rage, you would need it and redeem the soul optional.
Hellborn 32pts, your spec is about right except how to squeeze 5pts into numb nerves. 1 from rts, 2 flame flare and 2 pain is power.
Numb nerves is important for tanking during on fire.
Pain is power lost is just a trade off with body shot and critical, so aim for crit more.
Flame flare 2 pts is about right.
Leg Reaper would push blood bath to 500% and double its kill skill length. So a better choice here.
Remember to use weapons that could activate blood bath.

People said that the first time into TVHM could be an eye-opener; I got my Maya all the way thru without Ruin (not intentionally, tho…her build didn’t allow spec’ing that deep at the time). I read that UVHM was a total freakin’ nightmare; Maya, now lvl 58, is currently hindered a bit in beating Bloodwing, but otherwise she’s made (sometimes slow but) steady progress, and without any serious holdups. Digistruct and the OP’s are supposed to be near impossible solo, they say; I’m hoping to prove ‘they’ wrong. Again.

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Best gears to synergize with bb and stw:
Rough rider, magic missles, quasar, bones of ancient, blockhead and omen, etc.
Best weapons for bb:
Tediore plasma casters, forentine, hellfire, rubi, hornet, etc.
Best elems: fire and corrosive for elem empathy, shock only when absolutely necessary. Mostly magic missles is your slagging and proc on fire device.

flakker, rocket launcher. weapon swap. dead enemies. axton can steam roll. his turrets makes it easy to kill without taking hits. don’t even need a bee.

same with most chars.

Shield is the RR, and I have a Chain Lightning, Rubberized Quasar & MM to choose from. Weapons are 3 Butchers (fire, shock, corrosive) which leaves the 4th slot open for as needed weapon- Sniper rifle, RL, DPUH, but it means Salt the Wound gets maxed (also have an explosive relic to go with the BotA). The reason I take Blood Filled Guns over Blood Twitch is that with more ammo in the mag the less I have to reload. It’s also why I considered taking Fire Fiend- the reload speed and accuracy boost would be nice but with the +40 BL stacks per kill with Taste of Blood, I should easily have 100 stacks when coming out of RtB to keep the carnage going with the Butchers. Have not come across an Omen yet or a Blockhead at level. Pain is Power also helps with melee damage since I don’t have StV here…

Oh i mean u need both blood filled and twitch 10 pts there to reach blood bath. A bit of melee here and there is not going to do much. You have to hellborn all in, reach bb and stw to play gun build in op8.
Butcher will not proc blood bath and damage wise is lacking, anyway your ammo run out fast. Blockhead and omen high damage even without bb and stw, proc bb too.
You either farm one or get free ones from trade forum. Yes the vet like tank1er is giving out op8 gears freely.

So you’re saying something like this?

Yes except remove 5 pts empty the rage (it won’t make much effect to melee) to feed the meat. Health to hellborn krieg is important due to self burn.
Redeem the soul is unnecessay as he seldom goes down, put that 1 pt in pain is power or flame flare.

if you need the ideal gears in op8 since we have come this far, i can help.
I have all perfect gears;
rough ride
Magic missles
Chain lightening
Leg reaper
bones of ancient cor, fire, shock

Brisk plasma casters cor and fire, mali grip and sight dahl stock
Consummate hellfire and impetuous forentine mali grip and sight dahl stock
Potent rubi all elems and neutralizing hornet jakobs grip mali sight
Gentle blockhead and new and improved omen cor fire shock jakobs grip hyperion stock torgue sight
Ferocious kitten all elems vladof grip dahl stock torgue sight (for close combat, extra healing and tanking and alternate ammo pool after proc blood bath)
Let me know if you want those here.

Thanks for the offer but except for the Omen and Blockhead I have all the other gear (I’m not much of a parts guy so while perfect is best, I can live with something a little less). I’ll continue to try for the Blockhead (got a Longbow the last time I was there) and I’ll try for the Omen once I finish some of the other side missions I left open until I reached OP8…

That is the spirit bro and that is how you play the borderlands game. I am sure you could eventually get them.:wink: