UVHM difficulty

I love it, it’s so challenging and I’m actually progressing and I don’t mean slowly I mean slag, rip shields if needed, corrosive or fire depending on the enemy.Mobbing like a motherf***er actually dominating the battlefield. I’ve read stories online about the difficulty and didn’t want to go through it all but I’m glad I did all the max level loot at the end is going to be so worth it. Also I did big game hunt, and captain scarletts dlc on normal does that mean the level is locked or can i do them in uvhm?

You can play the DLC again in UVHM. You can even reset your entire playthru in UVHM, just incase you decide to go thru DigiStruct Peak to get OP levels. That way, you can get the mission specific rewards again (as well as other loot) at a higher level.

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Awesome I was worried that I was screwed for max level dlc weapons thanks!