UVHM DLC Level Question

I’m level 58 in UVHM, about half way through main story… Can i start on Claptastic Voyage without running the risk of getting a unique before lvl 70 that i wouldn’t be able to obtain again? Like how the Sandhawk in BL2 was a reward in the main story line of Scarlett’s. Or can you reset your playthrough like in BL2?

You can reset your playthrough same as BL2 (ie it resets main game and DLC progress, but leaves your level, XP, BAR, gear etc. in place).

Off the top of my head I forget what the first mission reward unique weapon is for CV, so you may want to see if someone has a complete list of mission rewards knocking around.

You may want to plan on resetting UVHM anyway - it’s a lot harder to get to level 70 without doing so in TPS than BL2, partly because there’s simply less content.


Okay cool, if i can reset then i don’t really need to worry about it i guess. Thank you.

And yeah your last statement couldn’t be more true. There’s no Trash Coast or Bar Brawl in TPS that’s for sure. Seems like the XP is low for everything.

A couple of things to remember:

  • Milk the “calibrate the turrets” mission for as much XP as you can get by killing as many scavs as possible before the turrets get them
  • You’ll get significantly more XP from kills on foot than using a vehicle, so do regular tours of Triton Flats and Outlands Canyon, and have at it!

Damn it i didn’t think about that. I’ll def do that when i reset.

Yeah i’ve been spending most of my time recently killing the Darksiders, killing Meg, and killing everything in Stanton’s Liver.

another that can be milked, though a little irritating to listen to, is the “Capture a Guardian” mission that can be found near end game in Vorago Solitude

I’ll try that when i get to it. Not too worried about leveling now, I’m a 64 so not too far off. More worried about if Viruses actually drop the Flayer. Is it like Cobra rates or what??

could be , but I’m not sure maybe @VaultHunter101 or maybe @Jefe would be better able to answer that, to be honest, in TPS I do better checking the vendors for Legends and Uniques, then I do farming areas for them, found a L9 Lobbed Storm Front in a vendor last night, does a number on mobs


I can’t speak from experience but drop rates for the Flayer and the Luck Cannon should be on par with other dedicated drops ( 10% chance ).

In any case , they’re not Cobra-rare.

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I’ve never seen one, but then I didn’t know viruses had a chance to drop them either. Since they’re not technically a boss (like Savage Lee in BL2) I doubt they have the standard 1 in 10 chance, but I have no idea what it would actually be? It’s probably like those skins or heads that have a chance to drop from mobs of threshers or some other specific type of enemy. Now I know about this, I’ll keep better track of these things and whether or not I get anything.

Edit: found a video of one dropping from a virus in the EOS/Eclipse fight, so at least it’s not mission-specific.


I will keep trying for it. I need to see it for myself. I get one, and I’ll farm the crap out of it at 70. I’m trying the Motherlessboard. Hope it doesn’t have to be badasses. Those seem to be rare for Viruses

20 or so runs later…

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