UVHM (Explosive) Claptrap vs EOS & Eclipse in ~39 seconds

Nothing too special because i used the flakker glitch, but I think its still a cool kill.
Sorry for the bad video quality, but i don’t have a capture card and so i had to film with my phone^^

Edit: Improved run here:

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NIce KIll :smile:

Heart sank for a second.

“Holy s*** could it be that another character besides Nisha could challenge Athena’s time?”

It ~ might be possible legit with Claptrap. If it could it would need almost perfect execution in a stars alligning scenario, do to the nature of the character.

If you or @khimerakiller are interested you can pm and i will explain the scenario.

I’m done! The fact that Claptrap can pull this off with the worst gun in the game astonishes me.

I tried to get a better time today and i was able to get a - in my opinion - HUGE improvment! Uploading it to YouTube right now! Thread is coming as soon as it is uploaded! I can only say the upcoming run was crazy!

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