UVHM farming opportunities

Before I start playing UVHM can anybody give me the heads up on this? A large part of my ridiculous number of hours spent in BL2 was farming LLMs & tubbies/chubbies for legendaries. Does TPS have their equivalent or does my vision of not playing TPS anywhere near as much as BL2 look certain?

Apparently Swagman has an increased chance to drop “very valuable loot.” I cannot verify this, in the process of completing the challenge for killing him, then completing it again after resetting challenges, then farming him 50 or so times while finishing other challenges to prestige (and to see his loot pool) I never saw better than a green.

You have to make your own fun. I’m having no problem finding it, your mileage may vary

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Farming is way diff in TPS. I kind of like it that way.

My loop is : Log in - check the vendors in Concordia, then FT and check Vendors at :
Tycho’s Ribs
Verago Solitude
Titan Robot then Titan Industrial
Outlands Spur through the transition portal to
Outlands Canyon, throw pickle the bird and head to FT to
Pity’s Fall
R&D check vendors then kill STLKR-CRP-RNG
Triton flats do a super quick Darksiders massacre and check both the Dahl boxes then scooter over to the other 2 vendor spots and then FT to kill Iwajira, Loot, Sell, FT to Eleseer kill Sentinel, Loot and then Save and quit.

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I have decided not to bother with UVHM just now as I’m not going to buy the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack: The Holodome Onslaught at the moment. The limited game play content available is not my cup of tea and for the price it currently costs, the 10 level progression to play in UVHM, without more story content, again isn’t for me.

I have taken Wilhelm to the end of TVHM and have not long started TVHM with Athena. I’ve only got Claptrap to level 13 so far. I’ll take Athena to the end of TVHM & Claptrap to the end of the 1st play through (maybe further if I don’t find another game to play) but I’ll not be doing so anyway near as quickly as I did in BL2. (4 characters to the end of UVHM, 2 more nearly so)

Borderlands games are said to be officially not so much about collecting loot but trading up. (To better help you complete your current story mission?) There is some good blue and purple loot out there, some can even eclipse their orange brethren particularly when used with specific characters & builds. More so with the right kind of luneshine enhancement. Legendary items do have a specific reward element to them. This may not have been the designer’s intent but it can’t be denied that, for some of us at least, that’s part of their appeal.

I agree that farming may be a different beast in TPS compared to BL & BL2 and although I haven’t settled on a particular farming run yet, the reward level, I find, is much lower than I’ve previously been used to. Few enemies dropping legendaries (only Zarpedon and Sentinel for me) and vendors now (unlike the early weeks after release) also displaying them incredibly infrequently.

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I did spend a good while yesterday just farming chests & vendors to grind up to some blues & purples. Trying to adjust to playing the game with lower expectations? I then went off to complete a few missions with Athena to test them.


theres plenty to farm in this game

Examples please

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Felicity, meg, rk5, x23 stalker, sentinal, Eghood, lazlo, clatrap trap that drops 3dd1, corporal bob, redbelly, bonson, nel, iwa, swagman… plus theres moonstone chest runs and red chest runs you can farm in many places. And farming venders while farming chests. Plus theres things i might of missed. But yes thats a pretty nice amount of things to farm right now. Then in a month we will have every boss respawn.