Uvhm farming pyro pete

Hey I need some uvhm veterans level 72 preferably and I need some people that can beat pyro Pete because I’m trying to farm for sugar crystals for some weapons and then please let me know send me a message on my parents which is Regain Jr

What weapons you after. Level 72? or OP1-8?

I have OP8 Actualizer, Interfacer, Florentine, Lead Storm, Omen, Serpahim and a Seeker I think.
OP8 Antagonist Shield.

If youre actaully Level 72 I wont be able to help as he will raise to my level

@JordaaNPopee I don"t think that enemy’s raise to your op level aslong as the host doesn’t increase the op levels.

Ah I did not know - As I’ve only ever played with friends who have always been the same level.

Thats good then, I can help people out

Just set ur op level to zero then join, you go in at 72