UVHM final boss = impossible

The Final boss is the easiest boss in this game…

Yeah I know how easy the warrior is its just jack that’s a problem. I did open many chests but nothing seemed as powerfull as what I have paired with a bee sheild. Oh well haha

A level 50 Bee in UVHM should be in your bank, not on you. If you insist on using one get one at your level- The Forest in the Tiny Tina dlc is better than trying to farm HH, as there are between 9-10 treants appearing in a single run as opposed to just HH himself. The loot train from the Marcus dlc is another good source of loot (got a L. Mechromancer class mod off of it last night). If you’ve found nothing in game that you consider good then get some gold key codes and use those- all of this should get you better leveled gear. As far as Jack, it’s best to take him out before he summons the shield surveyor (just hope it doesn’t glitch itself into the ground where you can’t shoot it- that’s majorly annoying). Barring that try an AoE grenade to take out the shields of his clones (and him too if your lucky) while your character takes out the surveyor. Once it’s gone concentrate on him and you should be facing the Warrior shortly…

Shotguns are good for his surveyor; get a nice mid-size spread corrosive shotgun and a tesla grenade.

Other than that, just sort of keep shooting Jack as long as you can.

Farm for a Harold either from Torgue Vendors (get the tokens from bar brawl in normal mode) or from Savage Lee.

Get a Bee from Treeants or Hunter Helquist.

Run through all the DLC, really. What character you playing?

Excellent advice. I’ve found shock plasma casters very efficient for his shield (the regular one, not the one maintained by the surveyor); slag+ fire for Jackie boy himself. The last couple of times I’ve done that fight in UVHM, I’ve surprised myself with just how quickly I took him out :smile:

Sorry to pick this out but your wrong. There are 8 appear, and the 1st doesn’t drop one. Plus the fact if your under-dps the final 4 are in the Orc camp which isn’t too friendly.

As for OP: Maybe try and get a Stormfront, Badaboom, Unkempt Harold, Raveger, and also the Ladyfist. Stormfront and Badaboom Jack, then UKH and Ladyfist on Warrior. Most of these are easy to get, and a Bee is easy too.

Well, almost always fail to drop one. That said, I got a plain Bee from that particular treant last week during the mega-drop period.

You can’t kill him without his drone appearing. It appears as soon as his shield drops.

Let me see:
1 near the entrance as soon as you come in
1-2 appear near the spot where the first mimic chest is (although I seem to remember getting 3 sometimes as I’ve gotten 2 Bee shields at a time there)
2 in the side area where you find Ellie’s armor
2 appear in the orc camp- and this is another area where I think 3 in total might have appeared…
2 where you get the blood fruit
So maybe I’ve been lucky but yes- you can get up to 9 treants in a single run- it’s just not guaranteed…

Actually, I was wrong. Too tired… :frowning:

I forgot the one in Ellie’s left of the entrance, I never kill it as it never once dropped a Bee previously. My Bad! The 3rd one appearing where 2 & 3 are is usually multiplayer.

Still, the fastest way to get a Bee is to kill 1-4 and repeat. Much quicker than clearing Orcville :smile:

The other day I managed to clear only the first part then got all the way through to the blood fruit trees without further encounters. And, I got a Bee out of it too!


No problem- I just like to harass the Duke of Orc by sniping him while he’s still in his spawn spot- he deserves it… :sunglasses:

hunting for a Bee by the Blood Fruit trees and the Duke of Orc spawned five levels above me! I was on 50, he was 55. If he’d been leveling up he must have done it off screen. Threw everything I had at him and didn’t so much as scratch him.

The Duke always spawns above you. It seems to me it’s always 5 levels above? At least, that’s what I remember reading - I don’t usually waste time scanning his health bar for level info when he shows up!

well, he was impossible to even scratch and I don’t remember that ever happening before. I couldn’t even get the bloodfruit

Depends on how long it takes to kill him- I think I’ve seen him hit level 85 one time. I’ve managed to kill him while he was still at his spawn point on some occasions but treants and other orcs tend to start spawning before I can finish most times…

Farm and level your gear to 72 and start the OP levels at Digistruct Peak where you will have an opportunity to pick up higher level gear from chests and kills. After reaching OP8 at the Peak reset and play through again including the DLC’s to upgrade your Legendary and Unique weapons and items. Keep in mind however if playing solo that the drops are far and few in between. Four players seem to be best to bring about better drops. I just defeated the Hyperious and the Warrior today in OP8 solo - he dropped nothing save for greens and a couple of blues.

1- the point was that he was using under-leveled gear, one of which was a Bee- by the time you reach Jack and the Warrior damn near everything will one shot you into FFL if you’re wearing that…
2- as this is Gearbox’s official site expect your post to be eventually deleted, as they don’t really appreciate folks talking openly about using save editors on their own forums.
3- this thread is over a year old- no doubt he’s gotten past this point in the game or given up, one of the two…

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What would be badass, is if after you play a mode (NVHM, TVHM, UVHM, OP+), you could take a gun to Marcus and he would “Mod” it for you, basically bringing it up to the level of the mode. This would of course be costly…