UVHM First quest help!

Hey there! Basically me who is Level 42, and my friend who is level 72 are trying to get past the very first part where you have to defeat the bullymongs. My friend who is level 72 should find this relatively easy as the bullymongs are ranked according to his level (72) however he only has level 50 weapons which just makes defeating them a pain in the neck. This is because he glitched out and lost all his lvl 72 gear. Now i would truely appreciate it if someone could either a) help us with the first few parts so that he can obtain a lvl 72 weapon or (b) give us some 72 gear so we can defeat the bullymongs ourselves.
The problem is relatively simple to resolve, however we can’t do anything until someone can bail us out!
Any help, big or small would be greatly appreciated. My friend says he can also reward the person who helps.

My Gamertag is : MrKrayzeeKrysis
My friends Gt is : Tactical echo4

Just one thread please.