UVHM- Help, questions and Need nice people to play with

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I can’t get past UVHM after Boom. I know, it’s said to say. I got live just to be able to meet some people and try to play through it. I don’t have a mic, but I do have windows 10 app, so I can easily respond as if it is a text message. I also would like people who aren’t greedy and will take all the gear. It is my first playthrough on UVHM so I am excited about the upgrade in loot/legendary drops.

I have always gotten my own weapons, so i’m excited about farming the raid bosses once I get help, or learn how to do it.

There are alos a lot of unique weapons that I have no idea about.

I guess this is a trading post as well. If anyone wants to help and trade me weapons or anything, i’m trying to get the baddass points for trading with others online.

I’m level 58, Zero.

I notice that a lot of people have Sand Hawks of many levels and rarities and more then one of them. Mine is a level 52, and it is going to be recycled soon due to the level. I really really want another one. Is there any way for me to get one? I noticed that a lot of people have more then one. Maybe it is just a PC thing? Also a pemperknickle, or other good uniques I’m not sure off.

This is also my first time at Raid bosses. The only one I have been able to beat is Hyperious The invincible. I do want to be able to farm other raid bosses, but also be able to get some of the loot, share and what not. I have never farmed any of the other bosses, so it will be a first experience for me. I have come across pricks who take everything, send a message of ‘haha’ and leave or something. But I see on youtube they everyone seems to make really nice friends. I don’t have a mic to be able to talk.

I would like to make friends, who I could play with.

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You’re best bet (outside of a co-op partner) would be to go back up through Liar’s Berg to Windshear Waste and farm Knuckledragger for a levelled Hornet. (When you enter via the Hyperion barge that way, save/quit/restart spawns you inside the barge making for a quick farm.) Pretty much any one will do. When you get through to the B’n’B fight, there are several spots you can go where you can get into cover from the turret shells; pop out while the thing reloads and use the Hornet’s burst fire to blitz the turret and/or Bewm. I usually hang out in the area by the funnel you see coming from the elevator (you can run around in a circle there avoiding bandits and shell fire), but you can also go to the far side of the ship and duck in and out there. One trick with Zer0 there would be to fire deception while facing away from the open area so that the hologram stays out of sight, then jump out, toss grenades, shoot, hide.

They either traded for them, obtained them using multiple different characters and then passed them down, or purposely reset their UVHM play-through multiple times so they could run the relevant mission again.

There are couple of folks here at least still active on 360 including @LunaticOne. I may be able to help if you’re unable to find anyone else, but my BL2 time is a bit limited at the moment.

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while I do still have my 360, it’s mainly just for storage for the occasional times I transfer toons over to the xbox 1 or as a backup for the game in case the x1 glitches and I have to reload the game.
I have even went so far as to have my help page for the 360 Locked.
Maybe @BTK420247 can help or I know 1 person that I played the game with a lot on 360 (GT = I GO SLOW , think that’s right) he hosts Open games when he’s on and is a decent person to play with.

@shenawarriorprin ,that and also as I suggest to people, start Torgues CoC DLC in UVHM go through it till you have 2 or three of his vending machines open, Drop down to NVHM farm BarRoom Brawl for and max out Torgue tokens, hop back to UVHM farm those torgue machines for at level gear, repeat the steps as needed.
Also if you have the money, there are several vending machines near the spawn in point in most of the DLC’s and HH packs that can be reached and farmed with no fighting involved.


Add me if u want . My gamertag is PeterL2014. I’m on 360 alot. I’ll help with uvhm and stuff. Btw on uvhm hit enemy’s with something slag first then hit them with other stuff and they will take More damage…effing autocorrect


I’m always down to help a fellow Vault Hunters.

GT: BTK420247


Thank you for offering your help. I’m stuck on the mission where I follow claptrap. In the process I have to beat boom and bewm I can sorta do it. I need help getting to the sanctuary so I can pick up the grog nozzle. I’m trying to set small goals lol. Can you help me?

THank you so much for your help.

I read it last night but I wasn’t able to reply.
I suffer from an auto ammune disease Fibromyalgia.

I did waht you said about farming on NVHM, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it.

I had the DPUH from farming it on UVHM which took me like 4 hours. I did what you said and I got a DPUH a level up, higher stats better sights. I also got the Kerblaster, but it kind of succks in my opinion. But that was an amazing tip, honestly. I’m so excited that I got it, and know now that when I need a beter unkempt I can farm there.

As for the Hornet, I had one from farming him, and it didn’t help that much. I’m still stuck lol. They swarm me. Normally I’m really good at games like that that take stratagy. But I can’t get past this mission. I’m following claptrap and I can’ get out boom sometimes, after a few tries. But I can’t get up the hill and I know I wan’t be able to defeat that next bos. I forgot his name. He was mythed to drop the fists but he doesn’t.

I really wnt to at least try and set a goal to get to the sanctuary and get the grognozzle. I also want to beat the torgue dlc so I can farm Pete. I already beat scarelletts.

THank you so much for your help.

I read it last night but I wasn’t able to reply.
I suffer from an auto ammune disease Fibromyalgia.

I did waht you said about farming on NVHM, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it.

I had the DPUH from farming it on UVHM which took me like 4 hours. I did what you said and I got a DPUH a level up, higher stats better sights. I also got the Kerblaster, but it kind of succks in my opinion. But that was an amazing tip, honestly. I’m so excited that I got it, and know now that when I need a beter unkempt I can farm there.

Thank You, I try to help where possible, but as I stated I’m on the Xbox 1 now, so for 360 players I only offer advice now, but do give GT: BTK420247 a shout as he is as willing to help out as I would be.


I appriciate that. I have come across some really…rude people. That is saying it lightly. I noticed that so many people have trust worthy friends and they all pleay together and help each other.

I want that. I don’ thave a mic but I do have the app so I can discuss. I have to get a mic on payday.

I will give him a shout out for sure. Thank you again, it means a lot.

Also, do you remember Yoteslayer?

Ouch. Not fun.

It has a learning curve, but it can be insanely powerful when used right. The trick is to get the child grenade spawned by the main projectile to explode behind your target. Since the gun doesn’t do critical hit damage, it’s often easiest to aim at your target’s feet so they get hit with as much splash damage as possible. It’s also really good with enemies who hide behind things.

Were you hip-firing, or did you scope to take advantage of the burst fire mechanic? Since it’s a corrosive weapon, it’s about the best choice for anything with a yellow health bar (armoured enemies). If they have a shield (blue bar over the health bar) you’ll want to strip that first though (shock weapon). For Boom’n’Bewm, I always go corrosive or explosive. You really do need to slag your target first though, as otherwise it will take much longer to take them down, and you’ll end up burning through too much ammo.

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Captain Flint, yes he can be a tough one, virtually invulnerable while on fire, I usually pot shot him from far with a corrosive sniper and hopping back up into the area with the vending machines and working him down from there, that way I can duck around a bit to regain health from hits.

Grog Nozzle is only available if you have the Tiny Tina DLC side mission “Beard Makes a Man” Open or if you have one that was available by farming the loot hunt a few years back. If you do have one stashed in the bank, you can also access the bank in UVHM in claptraps place or somebody that still has some may be willing to give or trade one

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@shenawarriorprin send Me a friend request and I’ll help u whenever we end up being online at the same time

My gamer tag is sefranek. I’m on daily. Got an op5 mechro working on the other ops. Been playing for years. Would love to help. I don’t have a Mike but feel free to join. I’ll power you to op5 at least.

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I sent you a request love. I think I might have spelled it wrong, i’ll try again.

Someone came into my lobby modding and made me glitch and lose my entire load out.

I got so mad, I legit cried. I only really want 2 of those items back. My skullmasher, legendary sniper class mod, and grounded hide of terra. I’m so depresseda bout it to be honest.

I barely have a mic, so that is okay with me.
I sent you a request.
Wouul dyou happen to have a skullmasher, legendary sniper class mod, or a grounded hide of terra?
I’m level 64 and I had an entire load out for Zerot that was amazing and someone came in with some modded things I think, and glitched it and I lost my entire load out and now i’ms tarting from scratch!

I can’t help you with what you need (I’m on PS4) but a good piece of advice is to backup your characters/playthroughs so this doesn’t happen again.

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how in the world would you back something up on xbox 360?

I know for a PS4 but maybe @LunaticOne or @vaulthunter101 could give you the answer.

I see I have been summoned!

By yourself a USB stick. Sign in to your profile on the 360, and insert the USB stick. Hit the XBox button, toggle through to the System tab, and look under storage. Select the USB device, and you should get an option to format it: this creates the required encrypted 360 partition on the stick and will overwrite anything on the stick.

Once it’s formatted, you can go System > Storage > HD >Games & Apps > BL2. Select any of your saves; you should now have the option to COPY and can select the USB stick as the destination. Make sure you only copy saves associated with your profile, and make sure you use “Copy” and NOT “Move”.

You can also backup any TPS saves the same way. When you do this, make sure you back up the “Profile Data” file associated with your profile in the TPS game folder.

I usually copy over both the save and the backup save for each character.

When you’re done, back out to the main 360 desktop and remove your USB stick.

WARNING: Make sure you are signed in to your profile before you insert the stick, and make sure you do not have the game running when you insert of remove the stick. And never leave the USB stick in the 360 - make sure it’s out before turning on/off or switching profile.

That’s about it. If you copy a save that is already backed up on the USB stick, the old save will be overwritten. Also, if you don’t see a backup save for a particular character, then the next time you are in the game at the character selection screen, toggle to a different mode (eg NVHM if your character is currently in TVHM) or to a different character. Continue/Save/Quit and then reselect the original character/mode; this should force the system to create (or update) the game’s backup save for that character.