UVHM how is it?


So the new UVHM patch is out today for xbox. Any first impressions? Is it easier/harder then what BL2 UVHM was at lvl 50?

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That thread there details what changes are being made for UVHM. It sounds like it will be easier than BL2’s UVHM, not to mention the less exponential scaling that TPS already has.


I’m very familiar with that thread and the changes they’ve made. Just wanted to hear peoples first hand opinions now that it has been released(?) on xbox : )


More info about it would be nice.
Are there new SDU upgrades? By how much are the elements buffed?

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Xbox here, havent had it available for 5 hours. Somethings not right.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if the willow leak isn’t playing nice with the update

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Xbox Live has been having some issues,I bet its linked to that.


Yeah looks like it. Just got home and theres no sign of UVHM on my xbox. They said they were looking in to it though.

(Rush86) #9

Update has not come out yet.


It’s going to be Tuesday for everyone, it would seem…


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the compatibilty patch for it and the holodome was supposed to be availible today. uvhm and the holodome were always going to be released on 12/16 according to what i’ve read. the compatibility patch is late but should be applied in time.

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Had a go at it today. Was glad to see I was still able to take down the mobs with my corrosive Wilhelm build, was worried it would just become even more uneffective. Bosses took more time to kill, but to be fair it took hardly any time before so they actually feel like bosses now. Will be glad to play it once I can level.

(Rush86) #14

Its pretty fun the eneimes are definetly more beefy. But not by a huge amount. So anyone not wanting to buy the level cap and just want to stay at level 50. This is very nice for them. The loot so far in the few chests i opened doesnt seem any better. Cant wait to see how everything will be at level 60. The enemies should put up a pretty good fight and be pretty tough, espicially the bosses.


I will assume that like in bl2 it will only get easier as you progress and get more skillpoints to play with. The enemies lvl up in the same pace as you do anyway.

I’ve played it a bit myself now and my impression is that the normal enemies doesn’t feel any diffrent at all. But the badasses are really beefy. I like that.

Theres also some new flying pests I found in triton flats that refuse to die. I hate them. Good job :smile:

So far, all the red chests have contained green loot, so now diffrence there. But that can be RNG since my sample size is very small.

I was hoping it would be much harder. But I guess that can be added with new maps later on.

All in all I’m enjoying running through it and I have high hopes for a good Holodome dlc :wink:

  1. Get character to level 50.
  2. Start UVHM.
  3. Blast through it.

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lol this is terrible.