UVHM is Amazing!

I am just niw starting to fully experience the wonders of UVHM.

Before Aurelia, once i had gotten a toon to 30, or 50, it was time to do the same with my next toon.

But now, i am finally taking the awesome journey beyond 50.

It reminds me of playthrough 2.5 im BL2.

I guess it’s playthrough 3!

You can go anywhere, fight anything, loot snywhere, and all chests / enemies will be right at your level.

Your character is damn powerful, and on the way to become more so!

The scaling is WAY better than the crushing unforgiving-ness of BL2 UVHM, and there is no enemy health regen!

I love how you can go fight, and defeat, Iwa and Nel right after arriving on the Moon!

And now there is a whole DLC to do, always right at my level!

Very exciting stuff, guys.

Gearbox, youve made a fine game!

Give us more of it!

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Funny thing… I just got Axton to 72 today, and as explosive Axton, I don’t even need slag to kill things in a relatively reasonable amount of time. BL2 UVHM is brutal until you get used to it, and since I have 4 characters at max level, I’m used to it. However, OP Levels are where the true crushing unforgiving-ness is.

As for TPS UVHM, I would have actually increased the health and shields of standard mobs a bit more, somewhere between 2 and 2.5 times instead of 1.5. I think they’re too easy as it is right now to be appropriate for the hardest difficulty in the game.

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I don’t mindnon extreme hardness.

Im not hardcore!

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Says the guy who platinumed every Dark Souls game.

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Yeah, still not sure how i did it!

Oh wait.


Magic is Demon’s / Dark souls easy mode.

Pure melee is hardcore.

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I still wish tvhm scaled above 50 nevertheless, though in TPS it’s less of an issue than in BL2. It was fun to overcome the challenge in bl2, just a shame that you HAD to play hard mode to get skill points beyond 50. TPS is indeed the sweet spot, I like how enemy shields get a bigger buff.


Borderlands 2 was my first FPS-game i played more than ten minutes (i’m more the rpg-guy). Other fps were nothing but boring for me before that. I had all six classes at 50 and could solo Terra and Pete, but the start of UVHM was really hard, so i had to make up my mind about the classes i have been good at. I deleted all chars except my Maya and Krieg.
End of the story: in borderlands 2’s UVHM, you had to be at some level of control and skill to get through. I had to improve my gameplay! TPS’s UVHM isn’t that noob-unfriendly, and far less challenging, but its much better in terms of ballancing and skill-useability. There is no Brawn-tree that gets rendered useless by the difficulty. TPS scales so much better than BL2. The only thing i’d like to see would be some difficulty-slider to increase the difficulty a bit.

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The scaling offering a challenge but still allowing a wide range of gear options and skill selections really makes like TPS a lot. perhaps a lot more, even.

Some OP levels would be the perfect fit for TPS. Some added difficulty for those who want it, but not mandatory to play the game at max level if you like it where it sits right now.

I doubt we get them though.

The only reason I didn’t care too much for UVHM in BL2 was because slag was (semi) necessary, unless you had some op gear combos.

Seeing as how there is no slag in TPS I’m loving UVHM. It could actually be a little bit harder (and reward more experience). Maybe that’s just because athena wrecks house. Haven’t tried too many other characters yet.

Yeah, playing at UVHM (especially at cap lvl) is really easier than either NVHM or TVHM.

Probably helps that by that time I’ve played the areas and enemies enough to know what to expect, but I think having gear that is not out-leveled and enemies that never way above my level is the big help.

That and having the skill trees filled.

I was thinking lvl capped should be NVHM, and going backwards in lvl should be the hard modes. :hushed:

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Next DLC - benjamin button mode


If it helps think of cryo as the new slag

I haven’t found cryo necessary at all yet though. I’m only 58 at the moment though. Does it change? I just use your typical shock and fire shotguns and lazers on athena.

Cryo helps with the Lost Legion soldiers that evolve. It also helps with some of the glitches. And those giant things in the Holodome BA round.

But, yeah, it does not seem as needed as slag was in BL2. I think that is a good thing.

Yeah I am a lazy noob so I used the Florentine instead of a slag gun.

They should do an update to BL 2 with the UVHM of PS. I am serious.

Up to op3, the level differential is not too bad from 72. The damage differentials rapidly increase thereafter.

also cryo is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal for dealing with badasses.

I’d prefer not. Level grinding gear is not terribly fun. If they just added a means to make enemies more challenging with better loot drops (a la reaper of souls) it would be a little less depressing. New gear based on amplifying combos or improving damage in everything else to take on more challenging enemies (ones with better tactics for instance or who could be played off each other to get more interesting stuff (goliath leveling), or multipart gear that needs to be assembled to get (basically grinded) to add item set bonuses. Favorite gear could then get buffs. I’d rather like improving gear I like playing with.