Uvhm is harder than i thought

even tho im level 56 and am using the best gear I found so far I still cant do crap all in uvhm without getting owned looks like I need to grind xp/gear and get to at least 61

Words to live by in UVHM:

Slag is love. Slag is life.

Thank me later mate.

It is an adjustment, certainly - you have to adapt your play-style, and you have to be very careful attention to your build. If you haven’t already done so, check out this post for starters, then head over to the relevant character forum.

If I manage to get on tonight, I may be able to help you along a bit though!

ok thanks

good advice from VaultHunter101 and DomNation

also if you grind to 61 the enemies will also spawn at that level also. UVHN scales to whatever Level you are. You are on my Friends list, I’m always playing in BL TPS or BL 2 and I believe I have at least 1 toon around that level, just shoot a game invite if you see me on

ok thanks will do, at the moment im focused on getting the legendary soldier class mod

Judging by that last comment, I’m assuming you’re playing Axton. Guerrilla is a good tree to go down, because the final skill is firing slag bullets, which will absolutely come in handy. Another good thing to have, if you have the patience to farm, is the Unkempt Harold and Butcher. The Antagonist shield is also a good thing to have, but that would depend on if you have any Seraph crystals and the Dragon Keep dlc.

i assume i can farm this stuff on tvhm, and fyi the only dlcs i don’t have is the headhunter ones

Butcher is a Pearlescent, so it would have to be in Ultimate. It’s not really necessary, but nice to have if you ever run into it. The Unkempt Harold you can farm anywhere, yes. It’s a Legendary drop from Savage Lee, but you can also spend Torgue tokens on it in that dlc. (though it might take a couple resets to get it to actually show up in the Torgue vending machine)

The Antagonist (and Florentine, which is also good) can be bought at the Seraph vendor in Flamerock Refuge. If you’ve got the patience, you can farm crystals from the slot machines there, instead of raid bosses. It takes a stupid long time to actually get the amount needed to buy the gear, but it’s absolutely worth it. The Antagonist bounces back enemy bullets as well as slags, so they end up shooting themselves, a lot.

ok ty but for now ill settle for the legendary soldier class mod if i can ever find one…im gonna farm pyro pete when i get to him …im playing the mister torgue dlc now on tvhm