UVHM Lvl 70 Wilhelm vs Mutater Arena Lvl 9, 11 Min

Been working on this on and off for a while. Finally got a build I was comfortable with. This may be the only place where Hard to Kill actually pays off. At least in the first round and part of the second. After that you pretty much have to use cover and available terrain…and try to get Wolf and Saint out as quickly as you can. Laser Guided is just a MUST. Make no mistake, this fight is NOT a cakewalk for Wilhelm, solo. Took many tries before I started to see success. Fight lasts about 11 minutes.

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You, sir, are a masochist.

Those suicide bombers have your number :laughing:

I assume you mean Laser Guided.

Great work. Now you’ve conquered all there is to do as Wilhelm besides lvl 9 Shadow-tp, and I don’t wish that hell on anyone.

Nice work John! That level 9 mutator is tough

Just curious, I just got a +freeze chance and +cryo dmg elpis mod the other day. Have you tried one of these mods for your run? I noticed you are using cryo laser + cryo nades the entire duration of the fight.
Also Power Fist is a nice way to blow down a huge chunk of HP on the frozen ultimate badasses. I didn’t see a skill tree snapshot in your video and I didn’t see a Power Fist icon on your action bar during the fight.

Cool video, love watching Wilhelm in action :smiley:

EDIT - I just realized I necro’d this thread. Apologies!

I tried The Chrinicleer mod and it was…OK…

But I really missed having Wolf and Saint out for the longest time possible so I could “paint” more.

And the Absolute Zero and nades were freezing VERY fast anyway.

So I got best results with the Celestial.

Power fist requires you to close with the enemy. I found that VERY dangerous at level 9 of the Mutator so I did not wind up speccing it.

Here is the Build I used…one of the few times I actually spec Hard to Kill: